1-25-11 Tuesday (Half a Bathroom)

This house is clean!

No ZeldaNo, not that way.

No NiecyNope, not that way either.  Trust me, it wasn’t that bad.

cleanYep, that’s the kind of clean I mean.

I vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned 2.5 bathrooms.  That sounds like I didn’t clean the 3rd bathroom all the way, doesn’t it?

I’m not sure if you realized this or not but yesterday’s blog entry was all about ONE topic.  Yes, ONE topic!  That could possibly be a first for me.  Oh, and probably a last.

Tonight was our 3rd dinner out for Charlotte Restaurant Week.  The good news is that we’ve booked a 4th for Sunday with The Melting Pot.  Mmmmm chocolate fondue.  Well, back to tonight’s restaurant, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House.  What a strange name.  Here’s my breakdown:

Deanna and I had the dinner salad with avocado goddess dressing.  It was very good.  2 strips of lean bacon criss-crossed the top.  The bacon itself was amazingly yummy.  The salad was accompanied by 2 HUGE croutons.  I forgot my camera at home.  They looked unnaturally huge and amused me (as you can tell).  Jim and Beth ate the soup and said it was good.

All 4 of us had the filet.  It was tender, melt in your mouth and had the perfect flavor.  We all enjoyed it.  It was about the same as the filet at Ruth’s Chris except for bigger.  We liked bigger.  The mashed potatoes were overly peppered (a hint of cayenne, my ass).  If I remember, we all thought so.  It’s a shame really, they had such good potential.  

Beth and I ate half our chocolate mousse.  It was a large portion and while it was good, I didn’t think it was rich enough.  Jim and Deanna enjoyed their cheesecake.  I didn’t taste it buy I think it was non-New York style.  Here’s the menu:

Del Frisco's Menu

Remember, we spent $30 for the 3 course meal.  I priced it out against their online menu:

  1. $ 9.00 Dinner salad
  2. $34.00 8 oz filet
  3. $ 9.00 Chateau potatoes
  4. $ 9.00 Mousse (not on the online menu so I’m guessing)
  5. -------
  6. $61.00 total!

$61.00 for $30.00.  Not bad, not bad.

Another successful score tonight!


  1. Oh, do I love filet mignon!

    Danielle and I went to the Melting Pot for her 18th birthday. I found it just ok and way over-priced. With tip our bill was $88. Not a fan of boiled steak. Gina, Dani and I went there for dessert and I liked that better, although that pricey too.

  2. I've been to Melting Pot many time. The cheese and chocolate fondue is awesome.

    Boiled meat? Sounds like you had broth instead of the oil. Oil is better however the main course isn't nearly as good as the appetizer and desserts.

  3. I love the melting pot... but they are pricy... I went to the one in Naples and for 6 people it was over $200.00. I didn't know about the oil, I used the broth to cook my meat.

  4. I love restaurant week! Jealousy!
    ...I have mixed feelings about the Melting Pot, though. Daniel and I went once, and it was fun-but I was kind of put off by having to cook my own food. Like...its not my job or anything LOL

  5. @Chef: But the Melting Pot is just plain ole fun. It's like a chaotic cookfest.


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