1-21-11 Friday (Compact Calculations)

Jim and I have been looking forward to Charlotte Restaurant Week for a long time.  The gist per their website:

Enjoy a culinary extravaganza during this 10-Day celebration of Charlotte's restaurant scene. From Friday, January 21, through Sunday, January 30, each participating upscale restaurant will offer a spectacular 3-course, prix fixe dinner menu for only $30 per person (not including tax and gratuity).

It's a royal opportunity to experience Charlotte's ever-expanding array of dining options and remarkable chefs, from popular favorites to new hot-spots.


We love food.  That combined with the fact that these are upscale (or just plain pricey) restaurants that we’d typically not spend the money on makes this entire deal an awesome one. 

I just stated, “We love food.”  I do.  When I decided to tackle Weight Watchers again, I thought about Restaurant Week and then even into the future for the Valentine’s Day Chocolate buffet (we went to last year) and decided not to let these things control my life, my goals.  I’ll use my weekly points where I need to and I’ll eat smaller portions and maybe just a bite of this or that and finally, maybe I’ll make smart choices like chicken instead of beef/pork.  There’s a lot I can do. 

I mentioned “pricey”.  This is a great deal but still expensive (in terms of just for a meal).  It’s $30 per person for 3 courses.  I’m not working.  We want to hit at least 3 restaurants.  That’s $30.00 * 2 of us ($60) and then 3 restaurants = $180 plus tips and drinks.  Ouch.  But it’s once a year.  We missed last years.  Before committing to this we also waited until we heard back about my potential employment.  With that falling into place, it’s time to spend some money. 

With much aggravation, I booked 3 reservations.  There wasn’t much available for Saturday night, naturally. 

131 Main Restaurant - Dilworth
Saturday, January 22, 2011
9:15 PM
Party of 4   

Ruth's Chris Steak House - Charlotte Uptown
Sunday, January 23, 2011
5:45 PM
Party of 4

Del Frisco's - Charlotte
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
8:15 PM
Party of 5

Going out to eat at 9:15 at night seems strange to me but it was the best I could do.

As you know, I’m back on Weight Watchers and I have a few complaints.  The new PointsPlus calculator sucks.  For several reasons. 

  1. It’s sexist.  It’s shaped and made to look like a woman’s compact. 
  2. While holding a package with one hand and the calculator with the other (while shopping), my thumb barely reaches the 0 key.  The +/- keys are really a stretch.  Ergonomically confortable, I think not.
  3. Too many buttons to press to calculate points.  First the power button.  Then the PointsPlus button.  Then the stupid thing’s screen asks “calculate?”  As opposed to what?  Then hit enter.  But that’s being petty.


On the good side of things, it was cheap and includes a regular calculator whereas the prevous model did not have regulator calculator functions.

A little more about the calculator.  As I searched online for clip art I found this from Amazon:

WW PointsPlus Calculator - AmazonAbove: $45???????????   Wow, glad I stopped into a Weight Watchers center and got it for under $10!

WW PointsPlus Calculator

That’s all I got.  I’ve got a chicken in the rotisserie.  Mmmmmmmmmm.


  1. Enjoy your weekend of good eating!

    Wow! Usually Amazon is lower than everyone else! Glad you got your calculator at the site.

    And it looks like a birth control pill case! Just sayin'.

  2. It DOES look like a birth control case. The colors.


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