1-11-11 Tuesday (Dress Codes)

Jim went to work today.  I watched him depart from the comfort of the upstairs window.  The driveway and the cul de sac are covered in ice.  He called me when he got to work – safe and sound.

Throughout the day, I’d hear tire spin noises or crunchy ice noises and peek through the window.  Several neighbors got stuck or just lost traction for a moment or 2.  Our cul de sac definitely has a slope to it making it difficult to leave.

imageMy ironing pile has grown so much.  Jim’s work dress code is business casual but by making a monthly donation to help a fellow employee out, he’s been permitted to wear jeans.  Jim loves his clothes so even though he can wear jeans and a polo shirt, he still manages to wear a button-down long sleeve shirt topped by a sweater.  Today I washed (in 2 frickin’ loads) all of the dress shirts.  He’s been wearing these damn shirts under a sweater.  Why iron them?  I put away the ironing board, hung the shirts and put them all together in the closet.  It’s like I sectioned them off.   I segregated them.  After all, I don’t want the wrinkles transferring to the ironed clothes.

Some time around 4, Jim’s company let them leave early.  I suppose with the ice on the roads and impending traffic, they were kind enough to give them a head start?

Jim utilized his free time:

2011-01-11 022011-01-11 01

I never said he utilized his free time well.

Jim “plays” in the snow.

Tomorrow I have another interview.  We’re not sure how we’re gonna shuffle the Jeep.  The BMW is useless in the snow.


  1. Can you take Jim to work, then use the Jeep for the interview?

    I hate ironing! It might be worth taking the shirts to the dry cleaners and have them do it.

    When I was in high school, we had to wear uniforms, navy jumpers with light blue blouses with Peter Pan collars. My mom used to iron the collars and sleeves since that's all that showed!

    Love the mini snowman!

  2. The plan was for me to take Jim to work but this morning in a panic I awoke and asked why he wasn't out of bed. He said he had a headache and is going in at 1 after my interview.

    The shirts, we have them laundered and pressed when I have a job. Since I've been at home and jobless, there was no point paying someone to do them. When I worked the 2-3 months we had them done.

  3. I think thats the cutest snowman ever!!!!!

  4. Loved the snow ball at the camera man! :-P
    Hey, and at least you knew the BMW was usless in the snow BEFORE you had an accident.

  5. Hi Garret,

    I've enjoyed your blog over the years, beginning with your RV adventures, and now your life in Charlotte. Your writing style and observations make me want to keep coming back everyday to read your blog.

    That whole 2-3 months with that "three-letter employer" was unbelievably bad. It is difficult to believe that how they treated employees was legal. Since you maintained your friendship with Rudy, did she ever tell you the status of the poor girl that fell into the pit?

    Hang in there Garret you'll find something much better soon, I'm sure.


  6. @Cindy: Thanks! The lube pit gal was Angela and she was at a different location than where I last worked with Ruby. I don't have much of a contact at that store where the accident occurred but I'm gonna try to find out. Thanks again!

  7. I LOVE the mini snow man with the Q-Tip arms. Too funny. And I love your back yard ice skating rink. And I love how Jim playfully throws a snowball at you.

    Perfect way to spend a snow day.

    PS: I'm with Joanie. Take those damn shirts to the cleaners!


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