1-13-11 and 1-14-11

1-13-11 Thursday:

As you may remember, I had 2 interviews this week.  2 similar jobs, same company, different departments.  I got an email from the recruiter from Monday’s interview with a request for a background investigation and fingerprinting.  The background stuff was all done on a website and the fingerprinting was scheduled with SOFN (Safe Outsourced Fingerprint Network).

Jim stayed home from work yesterday and today.  We think he’s getting migraines here and there.

1-14-11 Friday:

I went to my fingerprinting appointment.  The place was a pack-and-ship store:


Yes, they fingerprint too.  I just can’t make this stuff up.  I was a little early for my appointment.  The Ship It Here guy was accommodating.  He was the only person there.  Fingerprinting is done on a small scanner thingy.  No ink.  It was really weird.  It looked like this:


imageWhile I was there I bought stamps.  How convenient.  I can’t tell you how I giggled in my mind.  Anyway, this young guy, well younger than me, had to hold and manipulate my hands and fingers.  After many tries of not getting clear prints, he squirt some Corn Huskers Lotion on to my hands.  With all this hand fondling and lotion squirting, I felt compelled to make small talk – it felt like a date.  I hope he’ll call me later.  I don’t even know his name.  So dreamy.  OK, so not really.  The small talk was me asking about the interesting combination of a pack and ship store partnered with fingerprinting.  I suppose I didn’t think it strange for places like that to do passport photos.  What I figured out from him was my ring size that it’s very common now.  I guess it creates traffic too.  Hell, I bought stamps.

The strangest thing about all of this is I’ve not gotten an offer for employment.  I’m confident that they want me for this job since they’ve sent me to do the background and fingerprinting.

After my totally cool, non-ink fingerprint session I finally boxed up the Christmas tree.  I had undecorated it last week but couldn’t find the tree box.  Then with the weather and what not, Jim stayed home all week so I never bothered with it.  We had a naked tree for a week.  No harm.

Censored Tree

That’s all I got.  The weekend is here.  Jim has a 3 day weekend.


  1. Wow getting your fingerprints while sending a package and buying stamps....now that is very unusual. And being fingered by such a nice young thing...what a treat. (Hope Jim does not read your blogs).
    Best of luck with your interviews...Have my FINGERS crossed for you!
    Ken from Tampa(soon to be Montreal)

  2. You are a study in multi-tasking. Oh, and that censored tree made me giggle.

    At Casa Hice, the Christmas decorations MUST come down before the new year. It's a totally bad juju (in Larry's mind only) if a speck of the holidays remains past new year's eve. Since we can't afford any bad luck, we box it all up and stow it ASAP after Christmas Day. Weird? Freaky? Superstitious? Yes, but our luck's been pretty good, so we stick to our neurotic guidelines.

    At least you got your tree put away before Ground Hog Day. That's something, right?

  3. I solved the undecorating problem by not putting a tree up this year. And I didn't even miss it!


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