1-23-11 Sunday (Being Very Quiet)

House hunting update: We should have our preapproval letter in the next 1-2 weeks.  All paperwork is done other than waiting for one more W-2.  It will be nice to have all of our stuff unpacked and put away rather than stacked in a bedroom.

We picked up Beth today and went out for lunch to Kickstand Burgers –N- Bar.  Jim spotted a coupon for buy 2 entrées, get 1 free.  That’s my Jim.  Anyway, it was yummy.  We all enjoyed our burgers especially when it’s for a good deal.


After lunch the 3 of us went hour hunting.  Jim lined up several homes to look at (as typical, the interiors other than through windows).  Later in the afternoon we went to a couple of new home developments and toured some model homes.  Lots of potential. 

With us running short on time, we hurried home to meet Ruby at our house.  Beth, Jim and I changed into our “Eve-ning Vare”.  It’s time for another night of Charlotte’s Restaurant Week!

Evening Wear

Restaurant week isn’t just in Charlotte, it’s in other cities as well.  I’m sure it’s probably just major metropolitan cities but Google your city + “restaurant week” and maybe you’ll see one in your area.  I saw it for DC, NYC, Boston, Philly.  Whether or not it’s the same week as ours, not sure.  I already did half the work for you; what more do you want?

Tonight’s dinner reservation is at dinner time.  Imagine that.  With dinner at 9:15 last night, we were there 2 hours and didn’t get home till close to midnight.  I guess that worked out because we were so sleepy from being friggin’ stuffed.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  Yum!  Jim and I have eaten there 2 times prior.  Once in Fort Myers, FL on Jim’s company paid for employee anniversary dinner and another time for Mother’s Day here in Charlotte with my Mom.  Jim and I ordered the Bistro Fillet while Ruby and Beth ordered the Bistro Fillet and Crab Cakes to split.  I thought the fillet was heavenly.  So tender, great flavor, and melt in your mouth perfection.  On the way home Jim says he wasn’t that impressed.  It didn’t have much flavor.  Jim is like that with food flavor.  Likes nothing spicy or hot but seems to forever complain about lack of flavor.  I pointed out that a fillet isn’t a flavorful cut and they told us it is seasoned with salt, pepper, butter and parsley. I thought it was divine.  Here’s the menu:

Charlotte Restaurant Week

Beth, Ruby and I spent an extra $15 to do a wine pairing.  A glass of wine with each course.  I was feelin’ it; I was having fun.  We had a great time but not as much as we did at 131 Main.  I think that’s because we had to whisper.  Ruth’s Chris was more upscale-ish and was very quiet.

2011-01-23 004Above: Ruby (L) and Beth (R) discuss the menu.

2011-01-23 005

2011-01-23 006

It was another successful night of fun and dining.  It had to be a little shorter of an evening this time since some of us have to work tomorrow.


  1. Ours is called "Devour Downtown." It happens twice a year. Christy and I discovered a great italian place thanks to the last round of Devour. It just started up again and runs until Feb 4, I think. Or it starts this weekend, maybe. I have to go look it up again!

  2. I kept reading "Devour Downtown" as D-Vor and wondered what the hell kind of name that was. LOL.

  3. I haven't been to Philly at night in a long time. I might have to see when they have a restaurant week.

    Glad you enjoyed Ruth Chris!

  4. By the way, the servers have to tip out the host, the bus person, the wine person, the bartender and the food runner. That's a lot of tips to be giving away! My brother used to work at Ruth Chris.


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