11-6-10 Saturday (Your Tiny Dancer)

So, just some miscellaneous stuff for the week.

I decided to expand my job hunting to include Craigslist.  I hate Craigslist.  I do.  I don’t trust it.  The last time (here and here) I used it I felt it to be full of scams.  Here’s one ad that made me giggle.  It’s nice to know “little people” are needed.


Some pictures from the week:

2010-11-02 001Above: Tim listens for the ocean snow in Santa’s hat.

2010-11-02 002Above: Garret looking “cool” or as cool as one can expect while standing in a Family Dollar store.

2010-11-02 003Above: No worries.  Carl is passing gas.

2010-11-05 001

Above/Below: Tim’s cigarette break at the Northlake Mall.  A beautiful (not him) backdrop of green soft grass, red tree and some grass bush of sorts.

2010-11-05 002


2010-11-05 003Above: Animal-lover Tim while

2010-11-05 004

Above/Below: Garret at a Spencer’s at Northlake Mall.

2010-11-05 005

Our weather forecast is cold.  It seems too early for below freezing temps!  Time to winterize the RV!


Carl and Tim took Gizmo for a stroll through a local park.  Tim texted me these photos:


I’ve had to turn the heat on today (Saturday).  I had to give in… I just couldn’t get warm. 

Carl & Tim, Jim and I went to dinner at Olive Garden.  Man, did I put away some food.  Bread sticks galore, salad galore, my meal, and even alfredo sauce to dip breadsticks into.  I really pigged out.  I really need to start eating better again before I gain all the weight back.

2010-11-06 001Above: Tim waiting for a table.

After dinner we watched “Furry Vengeance”.   Don’t.  Say no.  Well, maybe if you’re under 15 or something.  Ugh.

Sunday, Jim and I are hosting a Sunday brunch.  Stay tuned…


  1. Eager to hear about brunch!!

    Yup- get back on track before you get totally lost. You can do it- kick in some extra workouts with your day time...

    I wish I had some answers on the job search. I assume you have your resume out on hotjobs and monster? What about ads in your local paper? Our paper has a nice online job locator...

  2. You guys always know how to have good clean fun! (Or maybe you're leaving some things out?)

    Yes, Craigslist can be freaky for sure!

  3. Hi Garret...Absolutely your blog is the best!!!!...have you given thought to writing articles for either a newspaper or magazine..you have so much talent in that area...

    I thank you for always bringing a smile to my face each time I open your blog... wish I could do something for you to repay.

  4. @Liz: We had a great time. I'll blog about it shortly.

    @Jason: It was clean fun. It was in public. ;-)

    @Maryann: Wow, thanks!

  5. Have to agreed with Maryann I always enjoy reading your blog and I am disappointed when I open it and there is no new entry.

    Looks like you had fun at the Mall.

    Love Olive Garden Breadsticks & salad.

  6. Missy, thanks! Sometimes I just have nothing to say although I know that's never stopped me before. :-)

  7. Furry Vengeance? Really? Sounds like animal porn.

  8. LOL. No animal porn, I don't mention that stuff publicly. ;-)

  9. Maybe I'll see if John wants to go to Olive Garden tonight. Reading your blog always makes me hungry!!


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