11-17-10 Wednesday (Screaming At Stains)

imageI met Carl and Tim at a nearby Laundromat.  With Dasher’s foot healed, I no longer had to worry about him getting blood all over the place.  Our comforter had MANY blood spots on it. 

Last night I sprayed a magical chemical known as Shout Gel Advanced Something Something.  I sprayed it on the spots again this morning.  It’s a strong possibility that this stuff is made from Unicorn pee, pixie dust, elfin magic and other magical ingredients.  Whatever it’s secret, I’m grateful to have it.  It worked.

I’m probably the only person you know who would take pictures and even a video at the Laundromat.

2010-11-17 001

Well, I’m in the next couple of pictures so I guess I’m not the only one who takes pictures at a Laundromat.  Tim is now the second person.

2010-11-17 0022010-11-17 0032010-11-17 004Above: That’s my comforter!

2010-11-17 005Above: Carl & Tim watch their laundry.  A watched pot never boils.  Good thing it wasn’t a pot nor did they expect boiling action.

And now, here’s the totally interesting video!

Above: Order a DVD of this spectacular event and get it in time for Christmas.  Operators are standing by.

Carl and Tim washed some of their bedding, rugs, and other washables.  We celebrated the Great Washing Event of 2010 with breakfast at Maria’s.

Even though I “job-hunted” this morning, I go back to some of my sources a few times a day just to keep up with it.  If you’ve ever used indeed.com then you know what I mean.  There’s so many listings and they pop up every 15 minutes or so.  Anyway, I saw something come up for a parts store so I went to their website and applied.  With the assessment I had to take you’d think they were wanting only employees who might also double as president, part engineer or the like.  I didn’t take any screen shots of that particular assessment but I think they may have others beat.  Sheesh. 

For a different job, here’s how my on-line application went:

QuitAbove: I transferred to a different store.  Same owner, different company.  Hmmmmm.  Not many options.

Wrong peopleAbove: WTF?

ErrorAbove: Click to see it.  Did I have a restart password?  Nope.  I love that their system is flawed enough to have this message ready to go AND that there was a restart password to rectify their known crappy system.

Carl & Tim came over for dinner.  I made a wonderful (if I do say so myself) chicken stir fry, brown rice and some heat/serve eggrolls. 

That’s all I got!


  1. I haven't been to a laundramat in a long time! A few years, anyway, and that was on vacation in PA. Before that.... years and years.

    I'm totally waving back at you.

  2. You guys are really living large up there. Whew, can't believe I'm missing all the fun.

  3. A video of the laundromat....
    I would'va taken my laptop to keep me busy, but you amaze me with the things you think of. :-)


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