11-7-10 Sunday (Bloody Feet And Mary’s)

I forgot to mention winterizing the RV yesterday.  Yes, it was that sad time of year where we put the MoHo into it’s winter slumber.  Unfortunately we haven’t been able to use it as often as I wanted.  Every other weekend would have been great but of course I haven’t been working and then when I was I didn’t have weekends off.  So it’s either lack of money or lack of time.  Now it’s back to a lack of money. 


Naturally, we had a lot of difficulty and spent a lot more time than we needed.  Here’s the key problems:  uThe winterization waterpump kit I bought wouldn’t fit where it needs to go.  uAll batteries were dead.  uWe couldn’t find the flexible funnel.  uWe had to go buy 2 more gallons of anti-freeze.  uWe only had one bubble blower. 

2010-11-06 04

Above/Below: Jim blows bubbles while we wait for the batteries to charge.

2010-11-06 05

The most important thing about winterizing is replacing the water in the lines with anti-freeze.  It’s a special RV anti-freeze. 



The biggest holdup was getting power to the waterpump since the batteries were dead.  We eventually got the generator start so we could winterize the washing machine as well.  What a process.  Next year should go much better – we’ll be pros!

Today Jim and I hosted another brunch (10:30am)!  

Ruby brought a delicious bacon and cheese quiche along with Bloody Mary Mix.  I had 2 Bloody Mary’s.  Yum! 

Deanna brought a wonderful fruit assortment.  Cantaloupe, raspberries, grapes, etc. 

Beth brought OJ and champagne for Mimosas.  I can’t believe we drank so early.

Carl & Tim supplied the waffle ingredients and made them here as we hungrily awaited.

I fried up some delicious Jimmy Dean Maple sausage.  Yum.

2010-11-07 001Above: The beverage bar.

2010-11-07 002Above: The dining “area”.

2010-11-07 003Above: Ice on the hot tub!

2010-11-07 004Above: Tim playing with ice… better than fire I suppose.

2010-11-07 006Above: Ruby and her dog, Little.

2010-11-07 007Above: Jim, Carl, Beth, Deanna.

2010-11-07 009Above: Beth.

2010-11-07 010Above: Beth and Deanna.  Gizmo at the lower left side.

2010-11-07 011

Above/Below: Little.

2010-11-07 013


2010-11-07 014Above: Ruby making a Bloody Mary.

2010-11-07 017Above: Bloody Mary section.

2010-11-07 018Above: Ruby – after her 6th Bloody Mary.  OK, not her 6th. 

2010-11-07 019Above: Dasher and Little.

2010-11-07 020Above: Fruit, waffles, sausage, quiche.  Yum!

2010-11-07 021Above: Jim, Deanna, Beth, Ruby.

2010-11-07 022Above: Carl, Tim, Ruby, Deanna

2010-11-07 023Above: Tim & Ruby

2010-11-07 024Above: Dasher with a bandage on his foot.

Sometime last week Dasher hurt the pad on his rear foot.  Occasionally he munches on it and causes it to bleed again.  Today he left blood dots on the furniture and carpet so we had to wrap his foot to get him to leave it alone.

After brunch, Jim and I drove around checking out more houses/neighborhoods.  That’s all I got!


  1. Winterization of the RV sounds like it was an adventure. Glad you got it down for next year.

    Your brunch sounds like it was fun and tasty.

  2. I wanna come have brunch at your house! How fun!!

  3. I want to come to brunch too! Ask Liz to pick me up o her way!


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