10-30-10 (Flavorless Foods)

Jim and I ventured to South Charlotte’s Ballantyne area.  What’s Ballantyne?  Click here and here if you want to know.   The short of it is that it’s an upscale area of Charlotte.  Oddly, we’ve lived in Charlotte for 10 months and hadn’t checked it out.  We used an entertainment.com coupon to eat at the Delancey Street Bistro.  If you’re planning to a book a flight to go there and have dinner you’re an idiot.  Although I am a wee bit jealous that you have the money to do that but I think you’re an idiot so that trumps the money thing.  Where was I?  Well, my point is that, nevermind, just don’t go.  I had Chicken Alfredo.  It sucked.  I tasted butter and pasta.  The cheese flavor was practically non-existent.  I know, I ordered an Italian dish at a café but bite me, it was with the server’s recommendation.   It’s so hard to talk to you; you’re so critical.

1028101144aAbove: Not related to the story about the restaurant at all.  As a matter of fact, this is from a few days prior.  This is Tim making a return at Walmart.  Anyone who knows Tim personally knows that Tim doesn’t return anything.  He just throws it out.  This was his SECOND return for the day!  Now back to the story:

So, my food was a butterful, flavorless heap of carbs.  The good thing about my meal sucking was that we used a BOGO coupon worth $8.00 off the meal.  The other thing is that it was so lame I only ate half of it.  I assure you, if it had been worth a damn I would have licked the plate.  That’s how I roll.

1030101327aAbove: The portion I left behind.

Jim ate some chicken wrap with fresh mozzarella and a balsamic vinaigrette.  He said it was good, although those are ingredients that are somewhat hard to screw up.

One of these days I’ll learn to research a restaurant BEFORE eating there.  Below is the rating for this place.  38% of 73 people liked it.  Ugh.


After lunch Jim and I drove around looking at houses.  While we’re not in the position to buy right now, it’s nice to check out what neighborhoods the money we want to spend will get us into.  Understand?  Anyway, here’s a few photos from our drive:

2010-10-30 0022010-10-30 0032010-10-30 004

Later that day Carl and Tim came over to cook us dinner.   Tim made a yummy roast.

2010-10-30 0052010-10-30 0062010-10-30 0102010-10-30 0122010-10-30 013



  1. So you plan to move into a tree?

    I want friends who come to my house and cook for me!

    That alfredo doesn't even look right... blergh. hate when I plan to splurge on something really caloric and end up disappointed.

  2. Yuk! That pasta looks horrible!
    And I thought you were checking out houses.....not trees>

  3. Oh...and you are sooo lucky to have Tim and Carl fixing you dinner!
    And yes, restaurant reviews are extremely helpful!

  4. Lovely tree photos!

    I'm not a fan of basic alfredo. I do enjoy a flavored alfredo (like our cajun one.... had it for lunch today!)

    Yeah, maybe you should start doing some research prior to going to a new restaurant. Save you time, money and aggravation.


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