11-15-10 and 11-16-10

Monday:  Jim had a headache and stayed home from work.  We think he may have had too much caffeine too late in the evening since he couldn’t sleep well the night before.  While he does consume massive amounts of diet cola throughout the day, he normally switches to water early in the evening so that he can sleep.  That wasn’t the case last night.

After my job hunting routine, I sat around and played video games for a good part of the morning.  Eventually Jim woke up and joined the land of the living.  I put together a menu plan for the week as well as my grocery list.  Menu sneak peek: bean soup, chili, chicken stirfry, steak.  Off to Walmart (naturally), I went.

Although some of the photos aren’t clear, here’s what I saw on the drive:

2010-11-15 0012010-11-15 0022010-11-15 003

Just when I thought the colors were at their peak beauty…  Amazing.  I.LOVE.IT.HERE. despite being jobless.  sigh.  Tim thinks knows I’m nuts.  Every time I talk to him I mention the leaves.

After grocery shopping and beauty admiring, I returned home to prepare some of this weeks dinner ingredients.  Cook meats, dice stuff, that sorta thing.


Tuesday:  I did some house hunting with Tim.  I showed him some of the houses and neighborhoods Jim and I had recently looked at.  Carl decided to stay home.

I made bean soup in the crockpot.  It came out so damn good!  The recipe was posted here.


  1. Bean soup! I am the only one in my family that would eat it... but it sounds delish! I used to make a yummy black bean soup. Not sure where the recipe is anymore.

  2. I miss my mom's ham and bean soup. I'm going to check out your recipe.

  3. Looks very pretty. All our trees are bare now and look dead. I hate winter. We need to move....just as soon as we win the lottery and don't need an income.

  4. @Joanie: Did I mention it was soooo good?

    @Jodie: You can live with Alix and Lar!

  5. I want to be a man housewife like you and make bean soups and look at the leaves all day. It sounds kind of magical.


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