11-12-10 Friday (Hip Gyration)

It’s going to be a fantastic weekend!  New friends mixed with ancient old pre-existing long-time friends.  Tonight at Ruby’s for cheese and wine!  Tomorrow to Doug and Bill’s.   Stay tuned!

imageThis morning I ran analytics on the site again.  Lately aside from humorous keywords that lead to the discovery of the blog, I’ve also found that there’s a lot more hits on certain pages.  I ran an “all-time” report regarding total hits to my different blog entries.  Most of it has to do with porn/nudity.  The Wonder Burger entry is very short but has a picture of a globe shaped like ass cheeks.  The photo is call “buttocks” which apparently gets a lot of hits.  The 2nd place winning entry for number of hits goes to Pigeons and Other Delights.  This particular entry gets it fame from a picture of a mannequin in Beverly Hills that is entitled “pointy nipples”.   What a shock.   Or not.


Wow.  We had such a fantastic time at Ruby’s.  So here’s the deal from the beginning of the evening.  Carl & Tim came over to prep their offerings for the wine/cheese party. 

2010-11-12 001Above: I created a mozzarella/tomato plate.  Before I brought it over I topped it with an olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic liquid and added fresh basil to it.

2010-11-12 002Above: Tim sliced up 2 kinds of cheeses.

2010-11-12 004Above: This is just the first layer from the 3 tier platter creation he made.

One Jim came home from work, we ate some pasta.  Tim made sauce.

2010-11-12 0032010-11-12 005Above: Carl says, “mmmmm”.

We finished up our cheese platter creations and went to Ruby’s.

2010-11-12 006

Above/Below: Tim puts out his platter creation.  Ya gotta love Tim.  How many people do you know that would sell off 99% of their belongings in Florida, move to North Carolina, live in a 26 foot trailer, and still manage to own a 3 tiered serving platter?  That, my friends, is a result of homosexuality and a touch of class – I’m sure of it. 

2010-11-12 007


2010-11-12 008Above: Ruby’s home made brie creation. 

2010-11-12 009Above: Beth.

2010-11-12 010Above: Tim.

The picture of the full table spread that Ruby put on didn’t come out.  There were cheeses and crackers galore.  This girl know how to entertain!

With lots of wine in our system, it was time to get silly and play the Wii.  We had to much fun!

2010-11-12 011

Above/Below: Ruby bowls!

2010-11-12 0122010-11-12 013

Above/Below: Beth’s turn to bowl.

2010-11-12 014


2010-11-12 015Above: Tim enjoys some wine with Little.  I don’t think Little had any.

2010-11-12 016


2010-11-12 017


2010-11-12 018


2010-11-12 019


2010-11-12 020


2010-11-12 021


2010-11-12 022

Above/Below: Beth on the balance board to show off her hula hopping abilities.

2010-11-12 023


2010-11-12 024


2010-11-12 025

2010-11-12 026


2010-11-12 027


2010-11-12 028


And lastly, here’s a video of Beth gyrating her hips:

Wii Hula Hoop.


  1. I would just like to thank our GREAT host Ruby! We had such a great time and what a beautiful home. Can't wait till we get together again.

  2. Looks like so much fun, which I knew it would be with all of you being there!! I am definitely not missing it next time!

  3. "Look! She's having a seizure!"
    LOL!!! You all had a great time!

  4. You seriously have too much fun. I wanna be your neighbor!


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