11-9-10 Tuesday (Expiration Hunting)

I can’t tell you enough how this unemployment thing bites.  I’m bored.  I’m depressed but not pop a pill, clinically depressed.  I want to make money.  I want to buy things.  I’m tired of applying.  I’m tired of assessments.  I’m tired of feeling useless.  I’m tired – probably from not doing anything.

So.  I decided to post common keywords for the past 30 days that were used to find this blog. 

#5 is our email address.  A while ago I stripped that out of the blog so the 2 wouldn’t be associated BUT it still shows up on a Google search.  Is that a bad thing?   There were 7 hits to this blog based on that email address.  Are perspective employers researching me?   I can create a new and separate email address however 100% of my employment profiles already have that one on file.


#15, 17, 18 and 25.  Funny.  Maybe I need to open a whorehouse.  There’s an obvious need for one or two.

For some entertainment today I picked up Carl & Tim.  We checked out some of the houses that Jim and I have checked out this past weekend.  I wanted the boys to see some of the great neighborhoods that Jim and I had seen. 

The funniest thing was that I took them to Bargain Max.  I haven’t been there since the one and only time in March.  Why should Jim and I be the only ones to suffer browsing this dump.  As I said in March:

“Expired foods, dumpy location, icky stuff.”

Really.  We did enjoy playing “who-can-find-the-oldest-expired-food-item” while wondering how they can legally get away with that.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this:

DIH - Animated 2 2 years ago while in Utah:

*  We went to a Mayan Adventure themed restaurant.
*  We checked out a popular ski area.

So… when is the last time you Googled your email address?   What did you find?


  1. I never have but I am going to now !! Will let you know if I find anything interesting.

  2. Pointy nipples and various whorehouses will bring folks to your blog? Now that's funny!!

  3. Forgot to say now I'm going to google my email address.

  4. Well, I have several e-mail addresses I use depending on what type of site I'm on.
    My main one, g-mail of course shows dozens of links to my blog. Of course it's no issue, since I'm self-employed. I use a seperate one for business and legal stuff. No links to be found googling that one! :-)


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