10-31-10 Sunday (Drag-O-Ween)

2010-10-31 041At the beginning of October Carl, Tim and Jim went to a Gay Pride event and picked up a flyer for a drag brunch event that was happening today.  Earlier this week, I had made reservations for the 4 of us to attend.  Yesterday while driving around house-hunting, Ruby called me.  I told her about the drag brunch and invited her along.  Who’s Ruby?  She’s the branch manager of the travel department at the Triple Letter location I worked at.  We’ve been keeping in touch since my separation from Miserable-ville.  Ruby, Carl and Tim met here at our house.  After introductions we socialized for a short time before heading to the drag brunch.  Ruby drove Jim and I, while Carl & Tim followed to Hartigan’s Pub.  Ruby has been there in the past.

2010-10-31 015Above: Our Southern-Belle, Ms. Ruby.

When we arrived I think we boys were surprised by the size of the place.  Small.  We were told there was a dance club of sorts down stairs which was not open.  Luckily they had a table reserved for us which was perfect since the place was packed.  The brunch menu was their “express menu” which was basically a very small version of their normal menu.  None of the food options were “brunchy”.  No quiche, no crepes, no eggs benedict, nada.  We had a burger or chicken finger platter.  It was bar food.  It’s a bar! 

I must tell you that other than the size of the place, I didn’t have a favorable first impression.  We stood at the door waiting to be seated for a long time.  Staff seemed to ignore us.  Finally we asked someone and were told the reservation names were on the tables.  We had to find the correct table which wasn’t difficult but that’s not the point.

We did enjoy the drag show.  There were probably 6 or so drag performers.

2010-10-31 028


2010-10-31 029Above: Ruby & Garret

2010-10-31 030Above: Garret & Jim

2010-10-31 032Above: Carl

2010-10-31 033Above: Carl enjoys a Pixie Stix.

2010-10-31 036


2010-10-31 038Above: Tim

2010-10-31 040Above: Carl

2010-10-31 018Above: Not our table but there’s a drag queen standing there.

2010-10-31 020Above: Tim watches the drag queen.

2010-10-31 021Above: A drag queen fondles Garret’s head.

2010-10-31 022

2010-10-31 024

Above/Below: Jim said, “There’s a whole lotta Spandex there.”

2010-10-31 027

Overall it was enjoyable. Our reservations were for 1pm.  The drag show ended at 2 even though the flyer said 12-3.  I guess from 2-3 it’s just brunch as opposed to a drag brunch?    I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan.  Funny read that previous sentence and drop the word “fan”.  I’ll wait.  I think it was a cute costume.  I love that this “woman” was bold enough to do this costume.

The bar has drag brunches monthly.  Jim and I may attend them.

After lunch/show, Carl & Tim went home for naps.  Now there’s something that never happens – NOT.  Oh well, their loss.  We drank lotsa wine with Ruby and exchanged life changing stories.  OK, maybe not life changing but we did swap stories.  Tim eventually came over and enjoyed some wine with us.  Carl continued napping or lounging or whatever it was that he does.


  1. I haven't been to a drag show in years. In college, it was a regular thing to go down to this bar called The Dock and take in a drag show. I even got a drag makeover once! And I donated a bunch of my old prom dresses to the queens there.

  2. I don't think I've ever been to a drag show!

    One of those Queens looks like a fellow I work with. I can So see Denny dressing in drag!


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