11-13-10 Saturday (Pet Cheaters)

imageJim and I had another great day with friends.  We, along with Tim and Carl were invited to Doug and Bill’s for dinner.  We arrived close to 2pm per our host’s instructions.  Tim reworked a small cheese  platter for the occasion.  Doug and Bill also had some munchies to keep us occupied until it was BBQ time.  Jim and I brought a tasty cake.  Not Tastykake.  Plenty of yummy food this weekend!   Yummy food… that’s another story for a later date.  I so need to get back to Weight Watchers habits! 

Bill and Doug presented Carl and Tim with a “house” warming gift.  Something about them seeing it while in Myrtle Beach and it screamed trailer trash or something.

2010-11-13 006

Above/Below: The “gift” wrapped in elegant newspaper.  Fish wind chime.

2010-11-13 007


2010-11-13 002Above: Jim.  You can see Tim’s platter in view too.

2010-11-13 003Above: Bill.

2010-11-13 008Above: Chloe.

2010-11-13 009Above: Clara, Doug and Jim

2010-11-13 010Above: Carl is ready to eat.

2010-11-13 015

Above/Below: Chloe loves to give big wet kisses.  Carl & Tim “cheat” on Gizmo.

2010-11-13 016


2010-11-13 017Above: Jim and Bill.

2010-11-13 018


2010-11-13 019


Good times!  We socialized and departed.  Carl & Tim returned to our place to watch a movie “Prince of Persia” and have some pizza.  We were all tired and pretty much laid around for the remainder of the evening.

Thanks to Doug and Bill.  Wonderful hosts!  We’re looking forward to the next invite.  (hint, hint).


  1. You know what Tastycakes are? Can you get them in Charlotte?

    How was Prince of Persia? Worth renting?

  2. Yes we had Tastykakes in NY. Not sure if we have them here but generally I'm not a processed cupcake, ringding, twinkie or the like eater. We did use that or similar for this posting: http://jimandgarret.blogspot.com/2009/07/6-30-09-tuesday-donna-summer-hit.html

    Prince of Persia was pretty good. Worth a rental, probably not that great to have seen it in the theaters. Let me know what you thought after seeing it.

  3. The fish windchimes were to remind them of us.


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