11-19-10 and 11-20-10


A few days ago I applied for a customer service rep position with a large cell phone provider.  The benefits seemed great, the pay was OK, the hours aren’t the best but the drive might be close to an hour each way.

Today I had a phone interview.  It seemed to have went well.  A location closer to the house showed up this morning and before I could even ask about that the interviewer suggested that location instead.  Awesome.  The pay starts at $x.xx but she told me a dollar more an hour.  Awesome.  She told me the store manager would call to schedule an in-person interview.  Awesome.  A couple of hours later he called.  We scheduled.  Ya know what?  Awesome.

I knew they had 4 weeks of paid training.  She mentioned that depending on the next available class it might be in Charlotte, Raleigh or Greensboro.  Not awesome.  BUT then she mentioned that if it’s other than Charlotte they’ll pay for a hotel and meals.  Awesome.

My mom is trying to coordinate a trip here.  She’s planning on a December 4th arrival and then departing prior to Christmas.  I hope that if I get hired, the start date will be after the holidays or at least train in Charlotte.  Awesome.  Training in Raleigh for 4 weeks while my mom is in Charlotte – not so awesome.


Jim and I met Carl & Tim at Ikea for breakfast.  Yes, you read that right. 


Aside from the coffee, oh and apparently the parsley too, for 99 cents you get eggs, bacon and potatoes.  The eggs had a creepy consistency.  For another 99 cents each, Jim and I added cinnamon rolls.  Mmmmm.


We drove to uptown to see the Charlotte International Auto Show.    With me working at a Suzuki dealer for 6 years, it was so disappointing to see (or not see) that Suzuki wasn’t at the auto show.  What were they thinking?  Kia was there.  Hyundai, present.   Even a SMART car.  Odd.

2010-11-20 001Above: Tim is ready for the auto show.

2010-11-20 002Above: The auto show.  A view from above.

2010-11-20 004Above: Jim is ready for the auto show.

2010-11-20 005Above: Tim and Spidey.

2010-11-20 006Above: Super heroes at the auto show.

2010-11-20 007Above: Tim and his “stop taking pictures of me” expression.

2010-11-20 008Above: Jim walks through the History of the Automobile exhibit.

imageimageAfter the auto show, Carl and Tim went home while Jim and I grabbed a bite to eat at a Captain D’s.  We’ve never been to one.  I like Long John Silver’s much better.  I think it’s the batter versus the breading on the chicken.  The chicken planks were just lame.  We did like the hush puppies a lot better though.  The fish seemed to be battered though.  It was strange.  I can’t say we’d be back though.  But I can say we’ve been there, done that.

We went house hunting as seems typical lately.  We spotted this humorous sign:

2010-11-20 009Above: Hardware and beauty salon?  Really?

Before heading home, we stopped at Famous Mart and bought snow pants.  $15.00 a pair!  What a bargain!  We’ll need those for this years snow tubing!

Back to our house where the boys met us with a crockpot full of pork with sauerkraut and potatoes.  I was skeptical when I first heard the combination.

2010-11-20 010


2010-11-20 011

It was good!  We even had seconds, maybe even thirds.  Trust me, we know them long enough that if it sucked, we’d tell him.

2010-11-20 012Above: Oh, that’s just me preparing homemade cookies.

2010-11-20 013


2010-11-20 014Above: Yep, homemade.  I made them at home, I didn’t say they were from scratch.

2010-11-20 015Above: Gizmo playing with a toy.

2010-11-20 016Above: Jim and Dasher.

2010-11-20 017

After dinner/dessert we settled in to watch “Splice”.  It was like a train wreck, we had to keep watching.  Other than that, ugh.  None of us enjoyed it.



  1. I've never even heard of Splice but the pic doesn't make it something I think I'd want to watch.

    I'm not usually a sauerkraut gal... well, it's actually been years since I've been around it so maybe I like it now and just don't realize it!

    I love your life, G. I love your fun adventures and time with friends and that you share it with the internet.

    My best friend, Jim, is in the Carolinas for a little book signing tour. I'd told him he needs to tell me his book signing schedule- cuz I'd totally try to get you to go see him. :) Just for kicks. It'd almost be like me meeting you. Except not at all.


    What is this Splice movie? Never even heard of it! I thought Adrien Brody was in Academy Award-nominated films?

  3. @Liz and hotel: Splice. Ugh. Luckily I netflixed it and didn't have to spend actual money on it. As many netflix reviews (which I looked at after the fact) stated that the previews show parts that misleads one into believing it's some sort of horror movie.

    @Liz: "It'd almost be like me meeting you. Except not at all." LOL


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