9-3-10 Friday (Criminal Activities)

Anyone who’s been reading the blog or knows us personally, knows that we love a good deal.  We subscribe to several coupon, deals and specials websites that deliver daily savings to our email box.  A deal on livingsocial.com came up for a Crave Dessert Bar savings certificate.  We spent $20 on a $40 certificate.  We bought 2.  That place rocks – what can I say.  I’ve mentioned it several times in the past here and here.   On a side note, Livingsocial.com isn’t just for Charlotte.  You can customize the city.

In the prior entry I mentioned I left work early because I had a new employee to help out.  Well, not any more.  I went into work the next day and had an email waiting for me:

“… background check results did not pass due to criminal history

Informart did not get all the results before posting yesterday. I apologize but he did not pass his background and lied on his application.  Please terminate him immediately for falsification of paperwork...”

Yeah.  True story.  So my newest (been with the company 2 weeks) boss came to my store to interview several applicants.   He spoke with several people.  Some applicants were for positions elsewhere in the company but he did manage to speak with a potential advisor I had met with earlier in the week just as we had hired Paul.  Angela starts after the holiday, on Tuesday.  I like her personality and I think we’ll enjoy working with her.


I’ve gotten a cold.  Fortunately it’s the mildest cold I think I’ve ever had.  Minor aches, sore throat and mild stuffiness.  It’s come just in time so that I don’t inconvenience those fine employers I have.  I can be sick on the holiday weekend!  I wouldn’t want to put them out or anything.  After all, I’m a company man.

Speaking of the holiday, there’s a good point and bad point to it.  Apparently what ever your weekday day off is will be null and void.  Sunday’s everyone is off and then Monday for the holiday.  The pro is that they can’t screw me into working 6 days.  The con is that there’s no “extra day” for the holiday. 


  1. Sorry about work. That's why I'm retired! I take it that's Angela in the poster? The one on the right, that is.

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. I hate that your job is so stressful. Hopefully the annoyances make the day go faster?


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