9-18-10 Saturday and 9-19-10 Sunday

I worked on Saturday.  Surprising, I know.  We did get to go over to Carl and Tim’s for dinner.  It was good and I actually enjoy the peacefulness of their trailer park.  It’s well treed and for the most part quiet other than the banjos.  The weather has been perfect so sitting out on the broken concrete slab patio is nice.  Jim and I sat in the trailer while they prepared dinner.  They adjusted quickly to the itty bitty tight space very well.  We drank wine.  We socialized.  We ate dinner outside.  We had a great time.  I forgot my damn photo so I wasn’t able to document this historic event!

Sunday we decided to go to Ikea for breakfast and then we’d shop.  We met there at 9:30 but they didn’t open till 10:30.  None of us wanted to wait so we went to Golden Corral up the road.  I must say, they do offer a lot for breakfast.

2010-09-19 001

After breakfast we shopped at various places.  Carl and Tim were looking for recliners.

2010-09-19 002 Above: Big Lots.  It was humorous to see these peopel stuffing a tree into their truck.

We returned to Ikea for Carl & Tim’s virgin shopping trip.  All of the photos below are from our shopping trip:

2010-09-19 003 2010-09-19 004 2010-09-19 005 2010-09-19 006 2010-09-19 007 2010-09-19 008 2010-09-19 009 2010-09-19 010

For dinner we went to 1900 for Mexican.  Tim didn’t much care for his food but we enjoyed each other’s company.  I think.

2010-09-19 012 Above: Tim enjoys the drink special.  Sunrise.

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  1. Fun times! I especially like the shower shot. I love photos of guys in showers together.


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