9-20-10 Monday Thru 9-22-10 Wednesday

I mentioned that I told my boss I’d like to step down.  He has side stepped the issue.  Saturday, I sent him an email that I’d like to transfer to a store closer to home and step down into a consultant’s position.  Sunday night at 9pm my phone rings.  A few minutes later I listen to voice mail.  My boss wants to discuss the email.  I didn’t call him back.

Monday: While at work, my boss texts me to call him about the email.  I call him.  He doesn’t really want to listen to all I have to say but counters me with a transfer to Huntersville as a Facility Manager.  I told him I’d like to think about it.  Not as in days but maybe a few hours.  He tells me time’s up.  He wants me to try it out.  It’s a much much newer store.  I accepted. 

I mapquested it and found it’s only 20 minutes away!  Yay!  Later that night, Jim and I took a drive after dinner to check it out.  The place was closed but nothing looking through windows didn’t solve.  The place looked immaculate.  It’s a new facility.

Tuesday: We have a manager’s meeting in Charlotte at the corporate office.  I won’t go into specifics.  I’m sure it would bore you anyway.  After the meeting I went back to my store, Rock Hill, said my goodbyes and finished out the day.  I start the new place tomorrow.

Wednesday: I started my new facility today.  I like all of the employees and the facilities are awesome.  The service consultant, Rob, has only had 1 day off for the past 6 weeks.  His fiancé miscarried the other day and he couldn’t take off.  Can you imagine?  Ugh.  This facility like so many others is short staffed so I’m on the hunt for a service consultant.

I won’t get my day off this week, only Sunday but I’m OK with that. 


  1. Hopefully being closer to home will make things better. Unfortunately, new store, same company doesn't solve the other issues. But I am glad he was responsive to you. And I really hope this place is a better fit.

    Having had a miscarriage, I hope someone can get that guy a day off to be with his fiancee.

  2. Hope the new location is a better fit for ya.

  3. So far the new facility seems much better for you - But as EL said, sounds like some of the same problems exist, namely - not enough staff. Good luck!

    Nancy in Iowa


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