9-4-10 Saturday (Vacation Homes)

TravelTrailerIcon Thanks for asking about the RV.  It’s still in the shop.  Jim was finally able to talk to a salesman (I was working).  They made us a consignment offer and we’re thinking about it.  Jim looked at 3 bumper-pull (aka travel trailer) trailers.  2 can be pulled with our current Jeep and the 3rd we’d need something larger to pull it with.  Naturally I wanted to see them so after work, Jim gave me the tour.  I didn’t take any pictures because we were there so close to closing time that they were starting to lock them up.  We think they’re used judging by the 2008 year however 1 looked like maybe it was new.  Not sure yet.  We liked the model that will need something large because it had a bunk room that would be great as a “guest room” or office/storage space.  Love it.   Here’s a link to it which has several photos.  Price is a concern as is having to get another vehicle.

15875A 2Above: Bunk house room with sofa, and a bunk that can be stored upward.

 15875A 1

Another one that we could tow had a bunk room but it couldn’t be used as anything else and it didn’t have ducted A/C. 

A smaller one that we could currently tow is below.  I can’t find photos right now.


We’re not sure what to do.  The RV roof needs replaced which is about $5000.  It’s a rubber roof that has gotten chalky and the RV shop says a patch may not adhere.  We might take a chance on a patch for now.  We may trade it in.  Who knows. 

My cold took a turn for the worst and I kinda crashed and burned at about 8pm.  I felt so tired, I went to “lay down” which pretty much equated to me falling asleep on and off until at about 10:30 I got up, took my meds and then officially went to sleep.


  1. Those tow behinds are purty... I'm totally intrigued by the idea. It isn't right for us right now. But maybe someday. I still get eeked out by the idea of having to hook up our body waste to things. I have no clue how that part works. There's a blog topic for you- how does the water system work and how does the sewer system work?

  2. Today's trailer thingies, whatever kind you look at, are so very far from the kind my Dad sold in the 60s. Wow!

    I do hope you feel better soon.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. WOW! Neat looking travel trailers! I know you didn't ask but, to me, it seems a TT would work well for you guys. Seems like it would be less trouble when stored since you both are working now.

    We wish you luck in your decision!



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