9-29-10 Wednesday (Wabbits)

I had today off.  Now whether or not I should have taken off today is up for debate.  It’s still just me and the consultant, Rob.  My boss, Mike, has been busy at the Rock Hill location getting a manager into place.  The week had been very slow so far so I took a risk and took my day off as planned.  We’ll find out tomorrow if I get yelled at or not.

I met up with Carl and Tim to get some sightseeing done.  Nothing major, just a drive through some neighborhoods.  We started with breakfast at Ikea.   We then took a drive to another trailer park for them to check out.  This particular park had rabbits hopping all over.  It was cute.

2010-09-29 002 2010-09-29 003 2010-09-29 004 2010-09-29 005

Then we saw these birds.  Carl and Tim knew exactly what they were.  Guinea-hens.  What?  I never heard of them and have never seen them either.  Well here they are:

2010-09-29 006

We even stopped at the airport and visited the observation lot.  It’s designed to park and watch the airplanes take off.

2010-09-29 007 2010-09-29 008 2010-09-29 009

Some more fall foliage:

2010-09-29 001

I’ve not mentioned Weight Watchers in a long time.  I haven’t been doing it.  I was prompted to admit it after Alix commented on the blog about how good I was looking.  I gained 3 pounds back.  I eat fine during the week but weekends are still my weakness.  I guess I just need to get back into the swing of things. 


  1. Of course you WILL gain a few pounds back. And then you'll lose them again. It's a process. No shame at all. Just remember what it took to get to goal and know that to stay there you must continue to approximate your eating and activity. As you know, there really is no such thing as "going off" your diet. It just has to become your mentality. Sometimes we hop off the wagon for a day or two, but as long as we get back on we will be fine. It really isn't so much a numbers game as it is a consciousness thing. Just be aware, stick to good choices, give yourself a little room to indulge now an then, and get back to business.

    It's been over a year since I lost my 80 pounds and I'd be lying if I said the scale always stays exactly the same. It doesn't, I go up a few and down a few, but as long as I am making the attempt to be and stay healthy, to eat well but sensibly, and to exercise every day, I know I'll be fine. And for me, it's more about being fit and feeling great than worrying about the number on my scale.

    So again... I say you look marvelous because you do. And I am very very proud of you.

  2. PS: I love your rabbits. We had lots of rabbits growing up and they are wonderful pets. If I didn't have so many damn cats now, I would ask you to go back and catch a bunny for me.


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