9-16-10 Thursday (Success Story)

Jim worked today while I had off.  Carl & Tim had to meet up at the trailer park with the trailer transport people at 8:30am.  While they worked on getting the trailer into place, I went to a doctor's appointment to have my blood pressure checked. 

Even though I had had a bloody nose, headaches and even an elevated reading at one of those cuff machines near the pharmacy, the doctor said I checked out fine.  My blood pressure was OK and he suspects it was stress.  Surprise.

I went over to the trailer park and met up with Carl and Tim.  The transport people couldn’t get it exactly where they wanted it because of the size of their truck and their dually wheels not fitting where they needed to go.  The boys were able to move it with their own truck.

2010-09-16 004Above: Gizmo supervises.

 2010-09-16 005Above: Tim shows his “success”.

 2010-09-16 006Above/below: Tim says, “ya wanna see the inside?”  Carl chuckles. 2010-09-16 007

I was so excited to see the interior.

2010-09-16 008 2010-09-16 010

Hmmmmm.  How do I get to see the back of the trailer?  Huh?  I have to help move stuff out of the way?  Sounds like work.

Tim's cushions

2010-09-16 012Above: Something doesn’t fit in to the whole trailer look.

 2010-09-16 009Above: The big unexpected bonus was that this lot had a storage shed on it!  It’s huge and will be a great help seeing how Carl & Tim over packed.

 2010-09-16 011 Above: “Whadja say about me?  Quit slacking and get back to work.”

Let’s check on the inside:

2010-09-16 013Above: “Don’t worry, I’ll find a place for it.”

2010-09-16 014 Above: Typical trailer trash decor.

2010-09-16 015 Above: Carl takes a break.

2010-09-16 016 

2010-09-16 020 Above: Almost!

Jim will be home soon.  We head to our house from dinner.

2010-09-16 021 Above: A toast to Carl & Tim’s welcomed arrival!

Tomorrow I go to work.  Jim has off.


  1. I'm catching up on blog reading while waiting for the last of the laundry to get finished before we load up our car to head home.

    Are Tim and Carl moving to NC or just visiting?

  2. OK, I'm reading your posts backwards,chronologically. Now I see that Tim and Carl are, indeed, moving to NC. It's good news!!!


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