9-11-10 and 9-12-10

It’s been a pretty busy Saturday and Sunday around our home.  I worked, as typical, on Saturday.  Jim handled some stuff around the house.  After work we had dinner (veggie burgers) and then decided to get grocery shopping out of the way.  BJ’s first, then over to Cold Stone for ice cream at the Concord Mills Mall, and then over to Walmart.  Hey, we had to break up the shopping experience.  By the time we finished grocery shopping it was 11pm!  Off to bed. 

2010-09-11 002Above: When I got into work this morning, here’s what I saw outside the door.

Sunday morning seemed to have come fast.  We were up and out of bed by 7:30.  7:30!  Ugh.

2010-09-12 009 Above: The flowers Deanna got us a couple of weeks back are still looking beautiful!

In anticipation of our trailer park friends Carl and Tim arriving Wednesday evening, we worked at cleaning up the house.  I even washed curtains.  Vacuumed, mopped.  We drained the hot tub, scrubbed it and refilled.  I can’t wait to use it on cool nights!  Dasher got a bath, against his desires I assure you.  2.5 bathrooms cleaned and now sparkling.  What will they look like by Wednesday?  I don’t know but “the house was clean on Sunday, sorry you missed it” comes to mind.

We had a 2pm house showing.  We like the neighborhood.  The house is over our price point for all the work it needs.  It needs a lot of work:

2010-09-12 011 Above: A strange access over the garage.

2010-09-12 012 Above: Kitchen of the attached rental unit.

2010-09-12 013Above: Utility room for the rental unit.

2010-09-12 014 Above: Patio door for rental unit.

2010-09-12 015 Above: Rental unit’s bathroom.

2010-09-12 016 Above: Another shot of the rental’s kitchen.

2010-09-12 017 Above: Garage.

2010-09-12 018 Above: Bathroom in the main house.  Steps to the toilet sure make it seem more like a throne.

2010-09-12 019 Above: Entrance to the rental side.

2010-09-12 020 Above: Just when you think you’ve seen everything.  A dually low rider.

The leaves are changing rapidly.  Carl and Tim will be here by Thursday and I hope they get to see it.  I’m looking forward to the change.  I’m even looking forward to the winter.  Snow tubing!

Last week Jim received an offer from groupon.com in our email.  The deal was $25 for a $50 certificate redeemable at Brazas Brazilian Bar and Food.  It’s a pricey place so the coupon would help out quite a bit.  As customary, I “research” what I insert into the blog to include links or other tidbits about the subject.  While getting the blog ready I found this citysearch site that had reviews about Brazas.  18 reviews with many negative reviews.  Most were older reviews so perhaps the problems have been corrected?

2010-09-12 001 2010-09-12 002 2010-09-12 003a

It was OK.  I’m not sure it’s worth the regular price of $28 per person but the whole thing was interesting.  There’s a simple salad bar, a few hot dishes as well.  Every 5 minutes, a skewer of some sort of meat comes out.  Pork tenderloin, bacon wrapped this and that, sirloin, chicken, ribs, sausage, flank steak, etc.  The sirloin was the best.  It was flavorful.  Some of the other stuff was fatty.  It just varied.  Many meats came out of the kitchen – it was a lot of food.  With some of the meats, we used our own tongs to hold it as he sliced a piece from the skewer.

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  1. You're not kidding about that toilet! Some red velvet curtains and a tapestry are musts to finish the throne room look. Cool house all around.

    Enjoy Tim and Carl's arrival. Kiss Tim for me.


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