9-24-10 Friday (Another Fall Report)

Work has been fine.  I’m liking the facility and my employees.  Fantastic staff.  I still have issues with the company/corporation. 

We had dinner and then Carl and Tim came over for some wine and to watch the season premiere of Smallville. 

As the leaves continue to change, I’m excited about taking a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see it all in it’s glory.   On some news site I found an article that was kind enough to include a link to visitnc.com.  They have Weekly Fall Color Report.   What an awesome site.  An excerpt:

“So, how are the trees doing so far? In the Boone area, Red and Sugar maples started turning yellow/orange in late August, and many are well into their color displays. Flowering dogwoods are already peaking with their burgundy-red leaves. Some Tulip poplars and birches are turning yellow, which is early for them. Poison ivy and Virginia creeper are already brilliant orange and red. At higher elevations, beech leaves are turning a shiny brown while Sugar maples are showing yellow and orange colors. Viburnum leaves at Elk Knob State Park are turning a rich purple-red color in the understory, which is quite spectacular to see. However, the dominant color on the landscape is still green, with just a hint of orange/yellow and red at higher elevations.”

The report discusses specific areas of NC.  In the near future I think we’ll do a day trip with Carl and Tim.  I’d like to do something similar as the loop we did back in June from Asheville to Charlotte.   I’ve looked back at that June post and am in awe all over again.  To see all of it in the fall will be breathtaking once again but in a totally different way.

Time for bed.  Work tomorrow.  Gotta sleep off some wine…


  1. Funny... as I read this, I'm thinking about what I need to get done before I crack open my wine!

    Glad the new store is working out!

    We have area "leaf cams" so you can check in on foliage before heading out into it. I wonder if you have something similar? Ours is through our convention bureau, I think.

  2. Wow! A weekly fall color report!

    Our leave here stay green until about November. Then they slowly fade to a drab brown. Then they fall.

    So sad.


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