9-25-10 Saturday & 9-26-10 Sunday

Work?  I miss retirement.

Jim, as typical, was off today.  The RV has been at Tom Johnson getting the roof patched, new shocks and whatever else we had done.  Carl & Tim assisted Jim with the pick up of the moho. 

We’re gonna hold off on getting a new RV.  After all, this one is paid for and it will be fine for trips.  We may put a new roof on in the future.  Facebooking friend, David, emailed me some advice:


Thanks David!

Meanwhile, after work I picked up Tim and took him to Trader Joe’s.  Tim enjoys organic food and so I was excited to introduce him to this place.  He was impressed with the selection and the pricing!  Score! 

Afterwards we met up with Carl and Jim at Cheddar’s.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their food.  Score!

It’s wonderful to recommend something and have it be as good as you hyped it to be.  We all have those times we tell someone a restaurant is fantastic and then later find out that the recommendee was very disappointed.  I hate when that happens.

Ahhhh, a day off.  The only problem is that I couldn’t sleep past 7:15 am.  I wasn’t the only one though.  Jim was up too.   We met up with Carl and Tim for breakfast at Ikea.  They had an awesome deal going for their Big Breakfast (pictured below).  Buy one at $1.99 and get another free.  That’s a frickin’ $1 for all that food.


Afterwards we walked off some breakfast calories at the Concord Mills Mall.  Jim wanted sunglasses and new shoes.  He ended up with a 40% off scratch and save card for the Guess store so naturally he bought a bunch of stuff there.  Next we bought 6 pairs of shoes at the Sketchers store.  4 for him, 2 for me.  What can I say?  Carl and Tim window shopped… patiently.  While we finished up shopping, they departed for BJs and then home.  We eventually made it to BJ’s and then to Walmart.


2010-09-23 001Above/Below: Views of the back yard.2010-09-23 002 

2010-09-25 003 Above/Below: Carl and Tim’s patio.2010-09-25 004 

2010-09-26 005 Above: Tim finds something at a dollar store in the mall.

2010-09-26 006 Above/Below:  Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Carly let Timmy and Garret play.2010-09-26 007 

2010-09-26 008 Above: Buzz Jim.

2010-09-26 009 Above: 1 pair of Jim’s new shoes.

2010-09-26 010 Above: We certainly shopped.


  1. First and most importantly... I miss you guys! Garret, you look so damn good! Weight Watchers really agrees with you, hootie boy. I remain so proud of you. And like your comment about restaurant suggestions, it's the same thing with diet suggestions. One size does not fit all, so when you gave up Atkins to try WW I was hoping you wouldn't be disappointed. You dieted like a rock star and are a true inspiration.

    Enough flattery. Thanks for stealing Tim and Carl away from Florida. I never even got a chance to meet them. A Charlotte trip is now a must. Wish I could get there as cheap as I can to NY - $140 roundtrip. I'll be visiting Jodie and Ross in a month and will be in upstate NY for Halloween! OooooooOoooo... spooky! Dying to come see you guys and meet Tim and Carl and your Jodi.

    Jim looks really fine as Buzz Lightyear. Almost as fine as you look on the kiddie carousel.

    That IKEA breakfast looks yummy but fattening! I remember eating breakfasts like that. Now I have to stick pretty much to veggie Eggbeater omelets, but guess what? They're delicious, so it all works out. This time of year it's all I can do to keep myself away from IHOP and those pumpkin pancakes. What about you? What's your autumn indulgence?

  2. Is that an almost SMILE??? On the carousel?? I think it is!!

    And YAY for new Trader Joe's converts! I haven't been in a couple of weeks but I am due for it this weekend to stock up on kid snacks and frozen foods and WINE.

  3. I'm still loven Boboli pizza crusts you recomended. I haven't done hand made crusts since!


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