9-6-10 Monday (Famous People)

We went to the RV repo place and looked at all that they had.  Everything they had was in rough shape.  We’ll pass.  In the meantime, Camping World called to say they’d give us $13,000 for our RV.  That’s $7,000 less than Tom Johnson or NADA value.  Camping World can bite me.  I don’t know what we’ll do just yet.

In other bitchy news my “mild” cold is nasty at times and I’m sorry I called it “mild”.  There, I apologized.  Now go away.

We’ve been noticing some changing of the leaves in progress already.  It seems too soon – sheesh.

A spelling error at Walmart?

2010-09-05 001

The shelf label reads “garlic spread”.

We went to Doug and Bills for a Labor Day BBQ.  We had a  fantastic time.  We met some of their neighbors who worked to convince us to buy a house a few doors down.  The house needs a lot of work but the potential is fantastic.  I took photos but will skip those since I don’t think we’ll actually want the house since we’d like to be further South.

2010-09-06 011Above: Bill (Host)

2010-09-06 002 Above: Doug (Host) and friend Claire.

2010-09-06 003 Above: Doug and Bill’s fat cat, Moe.

2010-09-06 004 Above/below: Claire’s dog Mandi.2010-09-06 005 

2010-09-06 006 Above: Bill

2010-09-06 007 Above: Moe.

2010-09-06 008 Above: Chloe.

2010-09-06 009 Above: Doug.

2010-09-06 010 Above: Doug & Jim.

2010-09-06 030 Above: Bill.

2010-09-06 031 Above: Doug.

2010-09-06 032 Above: Bill serves up coffee.

2010-09-06 029 Above: A piece of everything please.

One of the neighbors is a realtor.  She (Donna Guyton) showed all of us that house up the block.   Donna has an Italian Greyhound named Jester.  We met him later in the evening.

image Above: Donna

It’s right next door to this cool author woman, Ella Bell.  We hung out, ate dinner with her at Doug and Bills and even got to tour her home.

image Above: Ella Bell

I didn’t snap any pics of Donna or Ella.  Ella brought over her dog.  I liked both of these women.  Great women to socialize with and be neighbors with.

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  1. Garlic Spred? maybe its "Spred" the way Morning Star Farms is "Chik'n" lol...

    PS Cute dog... like the name, but not sure how I feel about having the same name as a dog...


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