9-5-10 Sunday (Colorful Buildings and Clothing)

After a trip to Waffle house for breakfast, we decided to check out the Spa & Sauna Expo going on at the Metrolina.  We walked up to the gate and could tell it was a run down creepy kinda place.  The sign read tickets were 2 for $5.  We turned around and decided it wasn’t worth the money.  A door manager of sorts yelled over to us and gave us free tickets.  I think it was one of those situations where why’d take your money if you’d pay however they’d let you in for free.  Hmmmmm, we’ll need to remember that for the future.

We’d never been to the Metrolina and probably won’t be back very often.  It was more like a flea market with some buildings that could handle small conventions/expos.   The buildings housing the spas didn’t even deserve a photo.

We decided to check out several buildings and booths housing antiques.  Some was nice stuff and while others housed crap.

By the way, since I had to reinstall my blogging software after the laptop disaster of 2010, I wasn’t aware some setting were at their defaults.  I fixed it so that clicking on photos will open a new window (starting with this post) and won’t lose your current place.

2010-09-05 004Above: Jim spotted a throw rug out in the middle of nothingness and decided to wipe his feet.

2010-09-05 005

Above/below: More fleamarket.

2010-09-05 006

As we drive through the neighborhood departing the Metrolina:

2010-09-05 007

Purple and black clothing accessorized with a black glove.  Perhaps he was attending a Labor Day Michael Jackson themed party?  A close up:

2010-09-05 007

In keeping with our desire to modernize our RVing, Jim and I took off to Camping World in Statesville to look at some more travel trailers.  We looked at several and liked this one:

        2010-09-05 009 2010-09-05 010 2010-09-05 011  2010-09-05 013 2010-09-05 014 2010-09-05 015 2010-09-05 016 2010-09-05 017 2010-09-05 018 2010-09-05 019 2010-09-05 020 2010-09-05 021 2010-09-05 022 2010-09-05 023

The salesman has our trade info and will call us Monday with an offer!  We’re almost ready to accept however tomorrow we’d like to check out an auction/repo place first.  Stay tuned!

Jim has been monitoring the real estate for sales that are within our budget.  With both of our jobs in South Charlotte, that might just be the place to move to (we’re in North Charlotte now).  Every once in a while we go explore a for sale property’s neighborhood and see what the potential is. 

An interesting search yesterday turned up a 4 bedroom, 2000 sf home with a studio apartment attached for under $150,000.  We wonder what’s wrong with it too.  If we were a little closer to making a move, we’d jump right on it and investigate further.

So there you have it.  So much going on.  Check in tomorrow!


  1. Wow!! I'd be awfully tempted to go check out that $150K house, apartment!

  2. That works out really well for us since the place we like is in SE Charlotte. Come to the light Garret.

  3. I love the colors in the trailer especially the flooring.


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