3-30-09 Monday (I'm a Pig - Cannibalism)

Today is our last full day here. I worked on yesterday's blog entry this morning. Jim has laid down for a nap. What's to do.... what's to do.

I just made an amazing salad. Lettuce, grilled chicken, southwestern corn, broccoli, tomato, fat free Mediterranean spiced feta cheese and topped with an Asian sesame dressing. All so very yummy. I ate Mexican like a pig the other night and then Spago last night. It's like I have make-up work to do.

Tonight I'm grilling porkchops, fresh steamed broccoli and brown rice. That should be healthy, right? Brown rice is so bland so I make it with beef bouillon. I season the pork with my favorite.... Adobo.


  1. You so have the principles of great cooking going Garret! And I have to commend you on the healthy meal planning. You go boy!

    I think I could definitely embrace that salad! And pork with an adobo rub? Oh, you're killing me.


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