3-15-09 Sunday (What Goes up ...)

Today was ride-in-the-little-airplane-day. (4 seater) We arrived at the airport early for the 1pm flight. Glenne, our pilot friend in training arrived. It turned out the instructor, Jaimie, came at 2pm. Jaimie had the appointment times confused.

I have so many videos and pictures of the flight but will spare you. I'll pick out some favorites. Glenne has 80 flight hours logged, and only needs 40 so I was confident in her ability. A lot of turbulence at the beginning of the flight almost made me wish I had a sick bag. I felt anxiety set in and with it came the overly warm feeling. I messed with the vents and talked myself back to peace. The sights were awesome. Flying over the pacific coast line was the best. We were at about 400-500 feet above boats and surfers. Truly awesome.

After the almost 2 hour flight, we drove over to La Jolla Beach, ate at a Mexican Restaurant (Mexican Restaurants are all over the place in San Diego), which made guacamole at the table. It was fantastic.

After dinner, Glenne went home and Jim and I continued to the beach to see the seals and watch the sunset. Beautiful!


  1. What a great day you had!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Really enjoyed hearing about your day. I want to be there too! What fun.

  3. Love the sunset pics! And I NEED to find a restaurant that makes guacamole at the table!!


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