3-25-09 Wednesday (Bride of Caulkenstein)

A few days ago I mentioned repairing the tub crack. Then Jim reshimmed it and the crack reappeared. He recaulked and decided to caulk the drain (just in case). The drain caulk was previously Caulkenstein. On day 4, we'll finally get to use our own shower. I called it Caulkenstein Jr. but Jim called it Caulkenstein's Bride. We'll go with the bride name.

Before sightseeing we decided to have lunch at a TGI Fridays. We got an awesome deal. Sit a the bar, get a beverage at regular price and get an appetizer for only a penny! THEN you can go sit at a table and get another deal. I've enclosed both deals below. We only did the first. We ordered sodas, had an appetizer each, all for $5.00 plus a tip. As my fabulous friend and Friday's worker Joanie might say, "Don't forget to tip on the amount prior to the discount."

Jim and I decided to buy a CityPass this time instead of a GO card. The CityPass card has just the things we want to do. Here's what we did today:

Let Starline Tours take you to where the
Stars live, shop and play in Famous Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Holmby Hills and Hollywood Hills. See over 40 celebrity homes from an air conditioned minibus. You’ll see mansions of today’s superstars, the estates of Hollywood legends, the watering holes of Sunset Strip, and the elegance of Rodeo Drive. Tours depart from Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the only place where you can see the famous hand and footprints of the Stars.

All was correct except for the air conditioned minibus. We didn't need air conditioning as the weather was perfect. Below is a picture of our topless tour van.

We saw so many houses. Our tour guide pointed them out and said what star lived there or what movie/show the house had appeared in. I enjoyed the tour but I don't idolize stars. Our guide showed us famous restaurants or bars that were frequented by stars or used in a movie.

Above: Hollywood Boulevard

Above: 360 from "Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Parkland" at the top of Hollywood Hills.

Yesterday on the way to LA we stopped at a supermarket in Palm Springs and picked up some lettuce and guacamole. We left it all in the car. Oops. I looked up a recipe online, wrote the ingredients down and stuck it in my wallet. On the way home from today's sightseeing, we were so hungry so we stopped at the store to pick up my supplies. We ate all of my delicious homemade guacamole and never even made dinner.

The video above is long. I hope it came out alright, I was very tired.


  1. Garret, you are amazing. I love your posts so much and appreciate your tales of adventure. I've been to California, but never Los Angeles/Hollywood. Larry's been and said it's not that alluring, but with StarLine and all those celebrity homes... how could it not be? I don't idolize stars either, but seeing their massive undeserved wealth would be kind of fun if not demoralizing and depressing.

    The "Caulkenstein's Bride" comment made me laugh out loud.

    Love your shout-out to Joanie. She's a hoot, ain't she?

  2. You have so many problems with that damned shower!

    I didn't know you could get a non-alcoholic beverage with that 1 cent coupon! I thought it had to be a drinkie drink!

    It sure sounds like you have a great day, touring Hollywood!

    Your "dinner" sounds terrific! We often have appetizers as meals.

    All in all, a really good day!

  3. Another fun day... I love living a vacation through you.

    I also love that someone loves guacamole as much as I do...


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