3-16-09 Monday (By Air, By Sea)

As you know, yesterday was that awesome 2 hour airplane ride. Today was a 2 hour boat ride. We've done several of these using our GO cards in Seattle and San Francisco. We haven't bothered with the GO card here and figured we'd see only what we really want to. Jim found a 2 for 1 coupon for this 2 hour cruise. $25.00 for both of us was an awesome deal, so off we went.

The weather was perfect. The temperature and wind varied based on our heading. Sometimes we needed to take shelter and other times we were right at the bow of the ship. The most awesome part of the cruise was seeing things from the water that we had seen yesterday by the air.

Sea Lions pictured above.

After the cruise, we went shopping at Seaport Village, located in downtown San Diego. We didn't need to shop for anything although we did buy a wind sock. The shops there didn't attract us as much as the location. The seaside scenery was great. I noticed a few signs welcoming cruise passengers. Speaking with the clerk at the wind sock store, he mentioned they're very busy on the weekends when the cruise ships dock. So basically, we were in tourist-trap-ville. That's OK, we rarely buy anything due to the lack of storage.

While we were on the San Diego bay cruise, we spotted an interesting statue and wanted to see more of it up close. After Seaport Village we drove over to toward the Aircraft Carrier Museum and spotted the statue as well as a Bob Hope Memorial Dedication series of statues.

We stopped home to make dinner. The steak we had defrosting for a wee-bit too long didn't s mell that great. Into the trash we went and a new game plan was needed. Jim found another coupon for Fuddruckers in the Gaslamp district. We figured we'd eat and then explore. This was my first time to a Fuddruckers, the coupon offset the parking fee. Ugh. The Gaslamp district was interesting but basically a place to shop and party with restaurants and bars. Really no big deal to me. Fuddruckers didn't thrill me. I think their burgers are flavorless and I doubt I'll be back. If I do go back, I'd try something else, but what's the point?

And finally, the last photo below was funny. We spotted this while we walked the Gaslamp district.

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  1. hi guys, your's is the first blog I've ever followed, and now that I'm hooked, you can't stop traveling. No jobs for you two, just keep going. I also was just checking out other blogs that follow you and make regular comments...like Joanie and Pearl (or is it Purl, as in crazy aunt)...I was curious (yellow) interesting, but cannot start reading about everyone else's life too. It would make mine too pitiful. Anyway,can you travel to places that I want to see and then just tell me about them? I'll give you a list.


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