3-24-09 Tuesday (Pot Smoking)

Greetings from Long Beach, California! We're just 30-40 minutes south of Los Angeles. I was bummed to leave Palm Springs but we'll be back some day. Our departure from Palm Springs went smoothly!

We're settled in at the Golden Shore RV Resort. I like it. The sites are average sized. The grounds are well maintained. The pool is heated and is accompanied by a large hot tub. When the tide is in, we're on the water. Yeah, I'll have some photos tomorrow. On one side of us is the water (Long Beach Harbor) and the other is the skyline of Downtown Long Beach City.

Jim was anxious to explore today. We braved some traffic to go to Venice Beach. What a fun place. I found a link with it's history here if you'd like more information. Vendors line a long strip of an area called Muscle Beach, selling their wares, but not in a pushy way. Freaks are bountiful here as well as street performers. I've never seen so many drug paraphernalia stores in one spot. Some of the stores should just be called Bong-Mart. Other popular stores housed sunglasses. Oh, I can't forget the henna tattoo stands. I'd say all the rest were an assortment. Vendors mostly line one side. The other side of the road seemed to have entertainers, performers, and hand made crafts.

Above: Dasher gets ready for the day's trip.

Above: Dasher is bored.

Above: A final goodbye to Palm Springs.

Above: On Venice Beach.

Above: At Venice Beach.

Above: Muscle Beach - Venice Beach

Above: Muscle Beach - Venice Beach

Above: Muscle Beach - Venice Beach

Above: Muscle Beach - Venice Beach

Above: 360 view at a pier on Venice Beach

If time permits, we may try to get over to Venice Beach again. We spotted a street side restaurant that would be fun to sit at. We can eat and watch freaks walk by.


  1. Dasher is SOOOOOOO cute! Look how daintily her paws are crossed! This sounds like a fun spot...juiceheads and potheads all peacefully coexisting in the CA sun!

  2. hey there, so i live literally only about a 10 minute drive from Venice Beach, in Culver City and it wasn't until a friend of mine was in town visiting a couple weeks ago, that I finally ventured down there. we had an awesome time and really enjoyed the different vendors and the atmosphere. i kept thinking how it could be possible that i could be that close for 2 1/2 years and not have made it there? oh well, better late than never and i will definitely go back sometime soon.

  3. @Norma: You hit it right on the mark!

    @Jackie: LOL, I can't believe you missed out on this! It's fun in a freak kinda way! I can only image what its like on a weekend. I was there on a Tuesday.

  4. If I was Jackie and I was only 10 minutes away from you... I would SO be inviting you to dinner!! Or if I was you and found out jackie was only 10 minutes away, I would SO be inviting her to dinner!!

    I'd love to see Venice Beach someday...

    And I adore that first pic of Dasher!!

  5. Freaks. Great. My daughter is moving there from Germany in 3 weeks. I'll be there the 17th.

  6. Love your pictures of Venice Beach!
    Oh I bet the weekend is INSANE!!!!


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