3-27-09 Friday (Chew the Fat)

As you know by my many self-slams that I've put on the weight I've worked so hard to get rid of. Both Jim and I are distraught. I more so than Jim since I've gained the most back. I'm upset. Oh, never enough to do something about it....... apparently. Enough to say that we should do this or do that. Wish this, wish that. We make excuses - The RV lifestyle. We went to a nice restaurant and couldn't just have a salad. We can't go here without having that.

My fellow blogger, Alix, had been struggling with her weight for quite some time. She snapped and decided to take action and has been doing very well. I asked for some of her secrets, mostly to motivate me. Her first sentence about dieting did that. "Success on any diet is 95% mental. Once you decide you are serious, once you decide you are capable, once you decide you have the power to meet your goals, you are most of the way there." Again, that was just the first sentence. What she says is true. Click here, and read her entry, but hurry up, my blog is more important and doesn't auto play stupid music like hers.

Ya back? Great. Alix did an awesome job at explaining a bunch of basics. I don't think I'll run out for the pills just yet, or join Weight Watchers but I do plan to eat much healthier and muster up the willpower to do better. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to post a before picture for the world to see, or get nauseated by it, for that matter. If anyone has weight loss advice, hit me.

Now back to our regularly scheduled travel blog:

Thanks to Michelle, a reader who says she's a lurker (never comments). She emailed me that being a lifetime Santa Barbara gal, she can point us in the right direction when visiting the area! Thanks again Michelle!

Oh, on with the traveling.... We did our usual 40 - 60 minute drive into L.A. We went across the street from Beverly Hills City Hall to the Beverly Gardens Park. We ate our lunch in the park. It was another nice day and fun to watch traffic as well as people come and go.

Another tour from our CityPass deal was with Red Line Tours. This was a walking tour of Hollywood. They gave us a device with headphones that enabled us to hear the tour guide as we walked up and down the noisy streets of Hollywood Boulevard. This was awesome. We heard everything he said no matter how noisy it was.

It was time for a snack/beverage. We stopped at some cafe and Jim got a toffee cookie and I got an apple! By the way, at lunch I had a salad! As I type this, I just finished my dinner of a burger I grilled minus the bun and a salad. I did real good today! I'm so proud of myself for having the willpower to resist all the sweets in this chocolate store/cafe.

Now that my hand hurts from patting myself on the back, ummmmm, yeah, next up was the Hollywood Museum which is located in the Max Factor building. No cameras were allowed but I did manage to smuggle mine in. I didn't bother taking photos though. The museum was interesting. The Max Factor building itself was interesting. I never knew that Max Factor started women using makeup outside of theater/movies. The Max Factor studio had separate makeup rooms, each painted in a different color and each geared toward redheads or blondes, etc. I guess the colors of the rooms best complimented the woman's hair color.

Later this week we'll be going to Spago for dinner. Jim is very excited. Me? I asked, "What's that?" He didn't believe me that I never heard of it. "Everyone knows that place... it's pricey and famous. We just have to go." Me? I'd be happy with KFC. Well, maybe not. I just stepped on the scale and am at 192! That's heavier than before we worked out. I can't believe I've gotten so big. Serious dieting!

Well folks, I baked some chicken to add into the weeks salads. Now we're off to the hot tub for our nightly soak. See ya!


  1. OK you can join the rest of my friends telling me I have no room to talk when it comes to dieting, however I did recently put on about 35 pounds when I hit a certain age number LOL.... Most would say I need it, and I will agree up to a point, but I recently dropped 12 of those buggers, I started running a mile a day and then a mile and a half, it only takes about 15 - 20 minutes a day, still eat almost everything I want. But if you can get up to running 20 - 30 minutes a day you would watch them pounds disappear I think ;-)

  2. Garret, thanks so much for the mention! You're too good to me, really. Even the nonsense about the autoplay music irritating you makes me smile. And that's why I play it honey. But anyway... I told my doc that I was "trying to make better food choices" and he said "that's not good enough." He basically TOLD me to get on Weight Watchers. I'm glad he did. I haven't stopped enjoying life - just the opposite! I wish I hadn't waited so long to hop on the program. If you get curious about WW specifics, I'm always here and would be happy to share more info with you.


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