3-23-09 Monday (Lost With Recycling)

Here's a photo from yesterday's damage.

Jim hates this RV park. We're at Cathedral Palms Resort in Cathedral City which is just outside of Palm Springs. What he hates is the disrepair. The onsite buildings are run down and the roads need repaving. After being in that tight San Diego park, I felt this to be paradise. Oh well. At this point we have one more day left here. I do find the RV park sign to be amusing. RV's are classified with names and class numbers. See chart below.

In RVing world, a truck camper is probably the lowest life form. Yet, this RV park used it's icon as it's logo on it's sign. A truck camper and the word "resort" just seem to clash. I sound snobbish, huh? That's OK, maybe me and my trailer are........

Let's talk laundry. I blog about laundry often enough. I've been using this washer/dryer since July! When we first got the coach, I read the book on it's operation. I labeled (with my trusty label-maker) the different soap compartments since they were only designated with letters. I have a prewash soap, regular soap, bleach and fabric softener. My clothes never came out smelling fresh. They smelled OK but not like the fabric softener. Yesterday I discovered that this machine doesn't do what it's supposed to. I was trying to find a spot to set this washer for shorter wash times. I opened the liquids drawer during each cycle and then made a discovery. It's been dispensing soap and fabric softener at the same time during the last cycle! It dispenses prewash soap every time. It rinses with boiling hot water even when on cold/cold. Who knows what happens when I use the bleach cup. For the next laundry loads, I'll be experimenting to find the quirks. Once I know, I'll be able to work around it.

A lunch stop at Bongo Johnny's seemed necessary. It's another cute little gay owned/operated restaurant. They don't have a website. We had a guacamole dip as an appetizer. It tasted bland. Jim had a burger which he said was good. I had a steak sandwich that was OK.

A quick little rant. We go to a couple of different addresses to find a recycling center for all of these diet coke bottles. It's a dime a bottle. As usual, we can't find anyone to give us back our deposit. California doesn't give a shit about recycling, just the dime per bottle they can make off of you. If recycling was so important than provide more places for deposit refunds. End rant.

Even though our drive came up empty, it was still nice to see more of Palm Springs.


  1. Garret, the recycle center is located behind Ralph's grocery store in the Smoke Tree Shopping Center at the corner of Sunrise Way and Palm Canyon (hwy 111).

    Good luck!

  2. Heard about the earthquake there. Did you feel the earth move under your feet?

  3. @CB: Not that we know of. I don't even see anything on CNN. Maybe if it doesn't even cause damage, they don't bother reporting it?

    @MarkandCraig: We got a whole $5.17.


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