3-26-09 Thursday (Creepy Candle People)

Los Angeles traffic sucks! It just does, OK?! The drive to and from Los Angeles is supposed to take 40 minutes but with bumper to bumper traffic, it takes longer. Into Los Angeles we went for a tarific {snort, snort} visit to the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits. As the website says.... in the heart of Los Angeles. So strange to be in the middle of a concrete jungle and go into a park, let a lone tar pits!

The first order of business was to sit in the park and eat our brown bagged (well, actually a cooler) lunch. It was relaxing and definitely a beautiful day. The disadvantage is that you are surrounded by tar pits. Think fresh paved roads..... The unpleasant smell of tar was all around, but not as strong as one would think. Perhaps it's because the tar is not hot.

After the tar pits we used our CityPass to get into the Hollywood Wax Museum. Now, back in San Francisco we regretted the lame wax museum there. I guess we figured that this was Hollywood, it's gotta be good. Wrong! It sucked. I guess Madame Tussauds in Vegas truly spoiled us.

Braving the traffic again to get home was the typical nonpleasureable experience. Once home, I took Dasher for a walk and snapped some photos of the RV park and surrounding area.

By the way, I was asked about the guacamole recipe. It's a basic recipe and I followed it exactly. Click here to watch it made.

Another by the way, someone on a previous post commented that they were unaware that an RV is hooked up to water directly. I wanted to explain further. This applies to most RV's, especially Class A so I will speak about how ours operates. Power: We can run a generator which shares it's fuel tank with that of the RV engine or we connect into a 30amp outlet (aka shore power). This is a special 30amp and not anything your house would have. Newer RV's these days use 50amp. We can plug into a 50amp using an adapter but still can only draw 30amps of power. We can run typical 110 outlet stuff but our lighting is 12V. Water: We can fill our fresh water holding tank which uses a 12volt pump to dispurse it. Sewer: At an RV park, we connect a hose from the RV to a sewer line in the ground. This stays attached while we're at the park. When disconnected, we have waste holding tanks. So: While driving down the road, I can run a microwave (if we start the generator), wash my hands, pee and flush, etc. One of my previous posts talks about dual power for refrigerator, water heater, etc.


  1. Yahoo!! I look forward to going home and watching the guacamole video!! Our Trader Joe's sells guacamole "kits" in the produce section- avocado, tomatoes, onion, cilantro. I always want to make it but no one would want to share with me. Although I think I can bribe my baby boy into eating it...

  2. Best title ever for a post. I came running as soon as I saw it!

    If you're into lame wax museums, we have Potter's Wax Museum in St Augustine you can visit when you and Jim come to Ponte Vedra to see me. I'll buy lunch!

  3. Hey Garret...

    What happened to Friday's "Chew The Fat" post?

  4. @Alix: I didn't like the way the video came out and then it was bedtime so I had to finish it this morning.

  5. Thanks for the information!

    I'm totally dreaming about this stuff now, but I'm becoming very aware that I know nothing how these things work.

    My fantasy trailer is at www.airstream.com. Look under "Flying Cloud" - I want the 19 footer. (The dinette folds down into a bed.)

    I'm hoping it's light enough to be pulled by a strong car. I'd want something like a mid-50's Caddy to do my touring in...or maybe a '49 Mercury. (This will all go down after I hit the lotto, lol, but hey, I can dream, right?)

    In the meanwhile, I'll live vicariously through your blog and collect information from folks like you. :)

    Thanks again! And thanks for the lovely daydreams.

  6. @Walk On: I looked at the floor plans... it has everything needed for a getaway. I'm not sure I'd stuff more than 2 people in that. Sardines!



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