3-30-11 Wednesday (Short Games)

Here I am!  It’s Wednesday and it’s my first, new scheduled, day off!  2 days at the grind.   Grueling.  I need a vacation.  OK, not really.  While I may not need a vacation, I’d surely take one if given the opportunity.  

I mentioned that during “graduation” I received an extra certificate/award.  Here it is:


Yay!  I’m proud of it… really.  Maybe it’s silly?  That’s me.  Sure, leave it to me to be proud for being a class clown…

Jim never called the BMW dealer service manager back; I was supposed to do that Saturday but forgot.  We had the car serviced this past weekend at Sears so we don’t need anything from the dealer.  Their loss but I still want to call them and see what he says.  I’ll do that later.  One problem we were going to have is that Sears and Monro said we’d have to return to a dealer to have the oil service light reset.  I was prepared to call a private BMW servicer and pay them to reset it.  I had an epiphany this morning… Google it.  Sure enough, there were the steps to reset my light, for free!  AND it worked.  Screw you Mr. Overcharging Hendricks BMW Dealer!

Friday I bought that PlayStation 3 game, Star Wars: Force Unleashed II.  I played it some on Saturday, Sunday and finished it on Monday.  That was so frickin’ disappointing that I already finished it!  Most games last a lot longer.  It’s normally $60, it was mispriced at $50.  I used Rewards Zone money for $15.  That put my cost at $35.  I can probably get close to that on eBay.  In the meantime, I started the game over on a harder level.

Here’s another follow-up.  Last Sunday we went to brunch at Wild Wing Café.  I complained about the not-so-bottomless-mimosa deal.  I did email my comment to them and got this response.  It’s a long response but it’s a great one.  Here it is.   If you don’t want to read it, skip the blue text.

I recently received a correspondence from our corporate office detailing an unpleasant experience you had at our Wild Wing Cafe. I would like to start by expressing my regret for this and offer my sincerest apologies. It seems that when you visited one of the items was not available, namely the "bottomless mimosa" promotion on our weekend brunch menu. I understand that it is frustrating to see something on a menu and not be able to order it and I am truly sorry this was the case when you visited us. I would like to explain why that item was discontinued at our location, if you would permit me. In our location, which is very close to the University, this promotion became extremely popular. Unfortunately it became obvious soon after it began that serving our mimosas with no limit would be irresponsible and could be construed as false advertising. You see when alcohol is involved there is always a limit. Our guests' safety and the responsibilities of owning a restaurant require that we responsibly sell alcohol and refrain from what the ALE terms "overselling". In observing the "bottomless mimosas" it seemed that guests were often attempting to stretch the limits of what we deemed safe and responsible. Of course, it became a contentious matter with a couple of guests angry that we would not serve them even though we claimed the special was "bottomless". We are currently in the process of working with the Corporate office in Charleston to resolve the matter and to get new menus that will reflect a more appropriate special for our location. I would like to again apologize for the inconvenience and hope that my somewhat lenghty explanation helped to clear things up. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have.

Best Buy update: Remember Monday, I bought that game and had a bunch of purchase, point redemption problems.  I did fill out a survey the other day.  Anyway, I decided today to get my password reset and I got the same frickin’ thing today as I did Friday:


So I called.  I spoke with Erica in Rewards Customer Service.  She said they’re having problems with the new website and that the last time a case of some sort was issued for resolution.  Erica went on to tell me that we haven’t quite reached the due date for resolution (or something similar).  I was never told any of this but OK.  She apologized and said that when the system is repaired, I’ll have another $15 in my account for the inconvenience.  Go Erica!

I did manage to call the BMW service manager back today.  I had to leave a voicemail.  When he called back he stood firm on the spark plugs being changed at 50,000 rather than 100,000.  I argued a little.  He used the ole “here in NC, be it our climate or the fuel we get, we find that replacing spark plugs…”  blah blah.  I really didn’t care to argue with him so I just let him “win” by saying, “OK, thanks.”  Naturally, in the end, he lost because we paid a better price for services that are actually needed.


  1. You are the WINNER! Yep- he didn't get your money. His fail.

    I really enjoyed the response about the mimosas. Doggone drunk college students!

  2. Well, I do live in the "University City Area" as it's known as. UNCC is 15 minutes away and even closer to Wild Wing Cafe.

  3. There is only one winner... It's Charlie Sheen, and everyone knows it. But YOU, my friend, are definitely a player. Ha!

  4. And what kind of promotion is bottomless any kind of alcoholic drink? Are they saying, let's see how drunk we can get people and then let them drive home.
    Not a very thought through promotion.

  5. Back when I was in college.....
    We used to pick our bar for the night based on who was doing beer bust. One price for all the draft beer you could drink. Was is irresponsible? Yes. But I guess things were less litigious way back then.


  6. I think your best response the evening of the Mimosa Crisis would have been to holler, "I'll have my OWN bottomless mimosa, thank you very much!" and remove your pants.

    Or did someone else already suggest that?

    I raise my glass to Google and the internet. I work with car dealers all day long, and I hate dealing with the big franchises. Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything.

  7. Been to a few gay bars that were bottomless.... until I walked in ;)


  8. While I acknowledge all the other comments, I'm stuck on the fact that my other half read the blog AND that he commented!

  9. RE: the video game -- if you have GameStop stores in your area, you can trade in games for store credit at a pretty decent rate.

  10. I disagree Norma. They give shit for games... I've went there many of times. And to buy games there sucks too. I checked out a game there and found it at BJ's for $5 cheaper brand new than their used game.

  11. Garret, I feel ya on the other half commenting... :)

    Flartus- I'm glad I hadn't just sipped my coffee because your comment would have ruined my laptop.


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