3-14-11 Monday (The Inconvenient Freeze)

imageMohawk never responded.  Mohawk carpet and flooring sucks as far as I’m concerned.  I’m thinking that perhaps when I received extra piss-poor customer service I should make sure that people will find my blog and comments when they Google.  This can usually be achieved by making sure that all the keywords someone might use to research Mohawk can be found within the entry.  For instance:

Mohawk flooring carpeting floors oaktown wood floors reviews care hardwood customer service poor sucks terrible problems

I should do that more often.

The good news is that Monday, Michelle, salesperson at Adams Homes extraordinaire emailed me:

“I was able to get a sample of the Oak Town Cherry hardwoods for you!  It's the 5", but it's the same color as the 3".  I've set it aside in my office, so whenever you are in the area stop on by to pick it up!”

The cool thing is we didn’t have to ask.  She remembered from a conversation several weeks back and I guess acted on it!  Now that’s customer service!

imageMeanwhile back at the office… we’re pretty much done with training but have this entire week left “in the classroom”.  Today we took our final assessment, 85% was passing, 35 questions, I got an 89.  Some people had to take the test again which is no big deal.  I kind of had to take it twice cause I was on question #30 and my computer froze up.  I was pissed.  I had to reboot and re-do the test.  At least it didn’t count as an attempt.  So, we pretty much did nothing except for a 45 minute test.  We did little oral quizzes here and there.

imageIt was announced that we’re relocating our class to a room closer to where our cubicles will be.  Right now we are on the complete opposite end of the complex.  We’ll also have the opportunity to take some real calls and then return to the classroom to discuss.  Next week is our final week of “training” except we’ll be 100% live on the phone without a classroom.  The company will have many extra staff (trainers, well seasoned bankers, supervisors, etc) constantly walking around to help us.  The following week we’re no longer in training and our schedules change to the 12:30 – 9:00pm shift.

During our abundance of down time today, some classmates worked on flash cards so that tomorrow we can play some games.  Others worked on a proposal to NOT have to work every Saturday which most of the class supports that idea.  They’re requesting an alternating Saturdays schedule.  Our trainer told them how to best put together the proposal. 

imageTomorrow we’ll probably be assigned our cubicles.  I’m resisting bringing personal items right now but I really want to walk in with a box of stuff like tissues, Advil stash, napkins, pictures, etc.  As my friend, Deanna’s blog once stated, I have to remember not to bring in gobs of crap.  Here’s the article.  Her post, from and HR professional’s point of view, was about how she had to help a terminated employee pack up to leave the company.  The woman had so much stuff, they were short on boxes and it took 2 hours yet she only worked there for 3 months.  The rule of thumb is that it should all fit in one banker’s box.


  1. When the time comes that they boot me out of here, it will take time to pack. And I'm ok with that. I've been here 11 years. It should take time! It's easier for a woman, I think, because I could bring my family pic, advil, etc in my purse...

  2. Good on Michelle for helping you guys out. The funny thing about customer service is that it gets noticed either way - bad or good. I'm so happy Adams Homes is being sensitive to your needs even when the suppliers aren't. On the other hand... that IS their job. Right?

    So, are you just getting a 5-inch plank sample, or are you going with 5-inch instead of 3-inch? We chose the wider variety for our river place and we really like it. It's a little more rustic, which for us was a better choice. In a formal home, maybe 3-inch would look dressier.

    I am totally high-fiving you on your collection of search engine key words for Mohawk... particularly "customer service poor sucks terrible problems." That'll teach 'em to mess with JAG.

    Working every saturday is hard. I totally underestimated how hard until I started doing it. Four months in, I'm realizing it's not the best choice for me and am considering my "options."

    As for decorating your cubicle... all you need is a photo of me and RuPaul. Done!

  3. @Liz: 11 years is definitely different than just 3 months.

    @Boozy: The 5 inch is not offered in our community. That's OK with me cause we can't afford anything more.

    You and RuPaul? LOL

  4. You should absolutely contact Adams and compliment Michelle. Reminds me, I wanted to go online to compliment my McDonald's server the other day...er, I mean, I NEVER EAT AT MCDONALD'S, WHO TYPED THAT ON MY COMPUTER!!??

    I think I should get back to work now...in my lovingly decorated cubicle. You and Liz and I and our other office-working friends should coordinate a cubicle-picture post someday, after you get settled into yours. (Well, I guess Liz has an office, but still...)

  5. I gotta blog about my cube with some photos. I must remember to do that tomorrow.


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