3-18-11 Friday (Manicures)

Work: On Friday, I took my first call on the phones.  We had a choice of teaming up with a classmate, sitting with an expert, or going it alone.  My classmate, Jessica and I, teamed up.  She sat with me during my call and then we switched.  I did have to get the trainer to help us a little bit but all in all, it went well.  I chose this way because I didn’t want a crowd standing over me.  I felt more comfortable with just a peer, as did many others.  The problem was that our trainer was running all over the place trying to help. 

I wanted to take a couple of more but the trainer couldn’t keep up.  Next week, we’ll do nothing but take calls (with more help) so I guess it’s no big deal.

This week taught me that there’s so much we didn’t learn which was discouraging.  We haven’t even learned many of the functions in the screens that we’ll be using.  I think this was done intentionally so as not to majorly overload us and for that, I give them kudos.  The seasoned/expert bankers are so very helpful and are very encouraging.

Nails: My anti-nail-biting has been going well.  I’ve even had to cut and file the pinky nails.  The others are growing a little slower.  I’m going to keep using the no-bite stuff for a while longer.

Camera: I got the new camera the other day and I LOVE the photo quality.   I took a few zoomed test photos of Dasher from across the kitchen and they came out beautiful. 


The new camera is a little larger than the old one which kinda bites since I like carrying it around in my pocket.  (The next 2 photos were taken with my camera phone since it’s too difficult to take a picture of the new camera with the new camera…duh)


The other complaint is that the flash pops up (see below) where 98% of the population would put their fingers to hold the camera.  I read about this “problem” in reviews prior to purchase but if that’s the worst thing about it, then it’s OK with me.


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  1. New cameras are so FUN! Love the pic of Dasher. Tomorrow, I'm taking my camera to the Zoo and am hoping the Gardens next door are open with their exotic and unique orchid exhibit!

    Yay for having nails!

    Yay for phone calls! You're almost completely grown up now!


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