3-20-11 Sunday (Bottomless, No More)

imageI cleaned all the bathrooms yesterday and put Jim in charge of vacuuming.  He vacuumed the upstairs and will do the downstairs today.  Why not all at once?  Well, there wasn’t enough time.  We had other errands to do yesterday + Jim’s vacuuming thoroughness = not finished.  I elected Jim to vacuuming duty cause I knew he’d really, really vacuum.  Just as I thought, he moved a lot of furniture, did the base boards, vacuumed furniture, the top of the curtain rods, blinds, and even the drapes.  I’m a lazy vacuumer.   I don’t move much.  I figure how can dust get under it?  OR I’m not tall enough to see the top of that and neither is anyone else.  Don’t judge.


We went to brunch with Deanna and Beth.  Well, it was more like lunch since it was noon.  Due to the NC State law of no booze till noon, our new brunch time will be 12.  The mimosas were yummy.  Oh, we went to Wild Wings Café.  Yes, they had a great brunch menu. 



The menu said they have bottomless mimosas for $10.  They discontinued that but they did have mimosas for $3 each instead of $5.  Service was great.  The food seemed to take al ong time to come out but that was OK cause we were enjoying each other’s company.

After brunch, Jim and I stopped at the model center to pick up the sample that Michelle got for us:


Mohawk you still suck.  Michelle you rock.

Dasher gets a treat:

2011-03-20 0072011-03-20 0032011-03-20 0042011-03-20 0052011-03-20 006

For dinner we went to Cheddar’s with my classmate/coworker/next-cubicle-over, Mike and his other half Billy.  We were there for 2.5 hours.  We had a great time!  Funny, we couldn’t stop talking enough to review the menu.  We sent the poor server away 4 times.  The server was cool and luckily wasn’t that busy…

2011-03-20 008Above: Billy and Mike.


  1. Okay, this is just me. but...

    A big hook like "bottomless mimosas 10.00" on the menu seems pretty much like a contract to me. If it's in print, they should honor it. I mean how hard is it to line-out the info? Or here's an idea... print new menus. See... that to me is arrogant false advertising. But I get a little defensive about my breakfast champagne, I guess. Otherwise the menu looks fabulous. Almost as fabulous as those squeaky clean carpets. Now can you tip the furnishings rightside up?

  2. I have to wonder how many people were ordering more than 3 mimosas for the bottomless option that they felt there were losing enough money to make that change?

    Love it when get together are so fun that you talk instead of reading the menu!

  3. Dasher is soooo cute. I love seeing them enjoying a treat. And you know how to enjoy your treats too !!!! Good for you Garret.

  4. @Boozy: I felt the SAME way about that mimosa special. It was in the menu and online. The brunch menu was in a menu insert that could have been removed and sharpied out. Now I'm fired up about it.

    @Liz: See above... LOL

    @Jodie: I eat too many treats!


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