3-16-11 Wednesday -- 3-17-11 Thursday

Wednesday: Our trainer wasn’t in today so it was an all day free for all.  The class socialized, got their notes in order or whatever.  At one point, we were told we could go to lunch at 11am and be back by 2.  We had a 3 hour lunch.  A group of us went to Razzoo’s for lunch.  It’s a Cajun/New Orleans kinda restaurant.  I ordered:

image It was yummy.

I’ve been reluctant/nervous to get on the phones.  By Wednesday I wanted to give it a shot.

Thursday came and I plugged into a seasoned co-worker’s phone to listen.  I “drove” the computer systems, while Michelle talked to the customer.  I enjoyed it.  After lunch I wanted to go full into it but discovered some of my systems weren’t working with my sign-on.  Ugh.  I told my trainer; tomorrow he plans to check everyone’s systems and let us team up to take calls for ourselves.  Next week we have coaching queue, which is when we’re fully on our own but helpers will be waling around to help us out.

I talk a lot about customer service and here’s something from Consumer Reports:


I’ll have to take a day off from work just to bitch…


  1. Lawdy, lawdy.... upgrade your computer memory, Garret because boy is going to be generating some bigass files.

    LOL - let it rip, my friend. And bcc me on everything!

    Good luck on the phones. The first time I had to do my public address "announcement" at Publix I got sweaty palms. Now I'm embracing my inner latent flight attendant. Four times a day I get on the PA and I'm a superstar. You will be too. Hell... you already are.

    XO XO XO

  2. Thanks Boozy! My first phone went pretty well (I thought).


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