3-7-11 Monday (I Heart My Toothbrush)

imageimageWeek #4 of my training started.  It was a good start.  They split the class in half and had us sit with a phone banker in shifts.  They issued our headsets and paired us with a banker.  We were able to plug into their phone (on mute of course) and listen to the full conversation between banker and customer while watching them fly through different screens and systems, some of which I’ve learned and some I will learn.  I enjoyed this aspect.  The banker I watched had so many windows open that only the first letter of each screen had enough room to display in the task bar.  That’s a little daunting.  Modern technology and we (the bank) uses so many different programs to complete a task.  Like many businesses, we’re stuck with Internet Explorer 500 BC which lacks tabbed browsing.

Jim spotted this ad in our BJ’s flyer.  We were tickled at the product bundling.  A defibrillator and an electric toothbrush.  A match made in heaven… well in heaven only if the defibrillator didn’t work I guess.



  1. Or they died of bad breath.
    I am glad everything seems to be going so well in your training. And that you are enjoying it.

  2. Thanks Jodie! I am enjoying it thus far.

  3. A bizarre juxtaposition, much like Walmart's "Tostitos with Lawn Care Items" modern art display! Glad you are liking your new job thus far! :)


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