3-31-11 Thursday (Lee or Lindsay)

imageHappy Thursday!  I’m starting this entry off before work.  Sometime today I realized a difference in my own work performance now as compared to the start of week #4.  I remember watching a phone banker and seeing her fly through different screens.  I remember admiring her ability to listen or hold a conversation while clicking and looking through various programs.  I didn’t doubt that I’d too be just as confident a navigator when it was my turn.  I was reflecting on the past 2 days of non-training and realized how I’ve grown.  I’m better.  I’m faster.  I’m more confident.  They had the technology.

imageI’ve also realized that this position might just be what I’ll be happy with for a long time.  So many classmates are taking college classes or even have a degree in something not-so-banking oriented.  The way I read into it is they’re not planning to be here for the long term.  Maybe this is my final destination and yet the first stop for so many others.  I’m a phone sales banker.  The saving grace here is that I’m not making outbound calls.  I’m not a telemarketer.  So far I’m liking this whole situation.  The money is OK.  With incentives the money is even better.  The company is awesome. 

imageThe hours… I hate… or do I?  I’ve only worked 2 days on my new schedule.  I’m thinking I might just like the new hours.  Maybe instead of 12:30 to 9, an 11:30 to 8 would be better?  If I went in at 7:30 or 8am, when I got home I’d just sit around being tired and basically waiting to go to sleep.  With my current schedule, I like the non-drowsy morning time at home to do stuff and in the evening when I get home, I only have 45 minutes to “wait” for bedtime.  I don’t know if any of that makes sense to you.  Re-read it, I’ll wait.  Maybe.

imagesJim and I decided that he’d be better off to keep his current hours for now.  We’ll revisit his options of a schedule change in the future.  For now, we need to give the whole situation time to fall into place… or out of place if it doesn’t work.  I’m gonna get a little blubbery though.  He said to me, “I miss my Garret-time.”  We’ve been together for over 11 years.  It was so sweet.  It’s nice to hear stuff like that from time to time.  A few weeks ago I made our sandwiches after dinner for tomorrow’s lunch.  I stuck a post-it note in with his sandwich.  It was a love note.  We’ll leave it at that.

CoffeeWell, today is end of month and that means… nothing to me.  I love that.  I also love that I’ll be working 40 hours.  Not 50 and definitely not 60 like AAA.  Breaks and lunches are scheduled to a T.  It is important to take them as close to the scheduled time as possible to be within guidelines.  For my 12:30-9 shift, I get two 15 minute breaks (2:30 & 7) and a 1/2 hour for lunch.

That’s all I got…


  1. My son had an "in" at a bank, doing what you do. He said he didn't want to do phone work, so he didn't take the guy up on the offer. A year after graduation, he's still a waiter at Friendly's. He really is being too fussy with what he wants to do, but he has to start somewhere. He just doesn't get it!! The health benefits alone make it worth his while!

  2. After 11 years of being with my husband I wish he still left love notes. It is mostly just to do lists. Bah! I still love him to pieces!

  3. Glad your new job is working out. Think I would like being a telephone banker... it's kinda like being a computer programmer, except you get to talk to other people besides yourself ;)

    When I start a new job I usually get the "3-month blues". By then I'm either bored, frustrated or not liking someone at work.... but find my "happy place" again and keep on keeping on....


  4. Glad you're enjoying it and still excited about it- including the hours. You guys will find that new routine and adjust. Love that you're making an effort- and that Jim can open up and say what he's feeling and that you hear him.

    I'm a fan of the mushy blubbery stuff...

    Wait, that sounds gross. I meant to say I like reading about couples who have been together a good amount of time who still have a healthy relationship and who work with each other to be romantic and show affection and care.

    Yeah. That's what I meant. I'm not out looking for a sumo wrestler or something weird.

  5. @Joanie: I privately responded to you via email...

    @Kat: Do you leave him notes? Sometimes I'll take a bunch of post-it notes and write short messages on them and stick them on mirrors or his pillow or etc.

    @Derek: Saturday was boring. It was sometimes 15 minutes between calls so we toss paper airplanes and beach balls... really.

    @Liz: "Yeah. That's what I meant. I'm not out looking for a sumo wrestler or something weird." LOL!

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