3-15-11 Tuesday (Cubed)

Tuesday: Today is the day we’re to relocate to a different training room close to our cubicles.  Looking at the photo below (from Google Earth), the training room was at the red arrow.  As a reminder, you can see how huge this place is based on the size of the cars in the lot.  Anyway… we’re moving to the green arrow from the red arrow.  I decided I’d park at the green arrow and walk to the red one so that at the end of the day, after we moved, I’d be quick to get to my car.  I got soooo lost this morning.  Eventually I went down to the first floor where the cafeteria is so that I could get my location figured out.  I found the cafeteria and used that to get to the green arrow.  Oy.  Naturally, after the move I’ll park at the green arrow area all the time.

Parking Lot

We arrived at the new classroom.  We were all quick to figure out our cubicles.  We were split into teams.  My opposing team supervisor put her employees names on assigned desks, ours did not (he wasn’t in till noon).  We were told to pick desks in a specific area.  No cubicles.  I was bummed.  It wasn’t very private feeling.  It didn’t feel like an office to me.  Most of my team felt the same way.  I promised myself to just deal with it and find the good in it.  The good?  A window very close by.  Teammates/classmates that I like were beside and behind me.  No cubicle walls to make us have to stand up to see one another. 

A little later, once my supervisor was in, one of my teammates saw a large cubicle area empty and asked if we could move.  He agreed, I was thrilled.  I got a killer cubicle with 3 file cabinets that have 3 drawers in each.  That’s 9 drawers in case you’re having problems with math.  I have 3 open shelves and 1 with a door on it.  The cubicles all have the same amount of desk space but are lacking some shelves or cabinets.


  1. So, just to be clear.... when you park at the green arrow, you're basically parking on the roof?

    Seriously though... nice that you got to move out of the bullpen and into a cubicle. Did your opposing team get cubicles too or did they get stuck with desks?

    I am really feeling happy for you and your new career. It seems like a perfect fit and I KNOW you are gonna rock the house. Keep space on those three open shelves for all your coming awards.

    XO XO XO

  2. And for all our pictures !!!
    I am so glad everything is going so well. You are going to be great there!!!

  3. I say park on the red arrow side and still walk to the green arrow side- great way to get some exercise in each day!!

    I'm glad you are keeping a positive outlook on the open office concept. I've heard of such things but not experienced. For now, I'm happy to keep my old school office with a door that shuts and even locks.

  4. @Boozy: Each employee is issued a small helicopter to park on the roof with.

    Only 4 out of 17 are at desks without cubicles for whatever reason. 3 of those 4 aren't real happy.

    @Jodie: Thanks! I forgot to take pictures today!

    @Liz: Holy crap, I'd get lost all the time.


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