3-6-11 Sunday (A Real Brunch)

After last week’s terrible brunch, Beth volunteered to host a way better event at her place.  Beth’s friend, Sue, brought fruit, Ruby brought Bloody Mary fixin’s and a bacon/potato quiche, Jim and I brought mimosa stuff and sausage, and Beth supplied the French Toast and veggie tray.  Yum.  It was all so yum.  Much better than last week!

2011-03-06 001Above: Beth

2011-03-06 002Above: Sue and Beth

2011-03-06 003Above: Fresh fruits and veggies.  The Dill Ranch dip was my favorite.

2011-03-06 004Above: Beth makes French Pressed coffee for Ruby and I.

2011-03-06 005Above: Beth works the griddle.

2011-03-06 006Above: Ruby

2011-03-06 007Above: What’s left of the sausage, quiche, veggies, fruit.

2011-03-06 008Above: Beth and Ruby

2011-03-06 009Above: Beth strikes a pose while loading the dishwasher.

2011-03-06 010Above: The Bloody Mary bar. 

2011-03-06 011Above/below: My spicy Bloody Mary complete with a celery stalk and pickled okra.2011-03-06 012


2011-03-06 013Above: Jim

2011-03-06 014Above: Beth makes room for more alcohol.

After brunch we took a ride over to the model center to show Beth and Ruby our house, lot and color choices. 

Speaking of the house, we’re still in contract.  Jim has been going back and forth with NACA with other pieces of information that were needed.  Basically any changes in our account have to be explained with documentation.  They want tax info, etc.  It’s a pain the ass and I hope it will be worth it.  We already got our prequalified letter to show to the builder and wasn’t expecting more paperwork after that.  On the builder’s side, they had to (per NACA) make an addendum to the contract to use NACA lawyers only.  So basically, permitting hasn’t even started yet.

In the meantime, so far, this week, this hour, Jim and I have decided to sell the RV.  We may put it at a dealer on consignment.  Possibly Craigslist/eBay or something.  Maybe some guy we saw an ad for that “buys RVs”.  We’re thinking it might be a while before we can use it, coupled with  Spring is coming so it’s a better time to sell.  We’ll put the money in a CD or something and then worry about getting a bumper-pull or such down the road.  Maybe in 7 month or so we won’t ever want to RV again.  Maybe we’ll buy a trailer.  Maybe we’ll…  Whatever it is, it won’t happen for a while anyway.

2011-03-06 015Above: Dasher.  Just because.


  1. You are very very lucky to have such amazing girls and vice versa! It really makes my heart glad to see the wonderful bunch of friends you and Jim have made since moving to Charlotte. I am truly so happy for you.

    The brunch photos are faboosh. Mouthwatering! I stared at the fresh fruit and those pretty square dishes for awhile thinking that I should have been there with you! Then came the French Pressed coffee, the French Toast (oooh la la, I see a theme here), and the okra studded Bloody Marys. Awesome!

    Selling the RV? OMG NO! Say it isn't so. I can't even imagine that piece of history missing from JAG. It would be a travesty. On the other hand, you were wanting a new one... Just as long as you point it South, it's all good.

    Sending sunny warm Florida love you way! Say hi to the ladies for me.

  2. You can't sell the RV- you haven't come to visit me yet!!!

    I wanna come have brunch with you guys- that looks so good!! And you certainly can't issue any complaints about the service!

  3. @Boozy: Yeah, I was thinking about that whole French thing too. Selling the RV - probably.

    @Liz: Well, we might get a newer one so you won't be as embarrassed when we park it in your driveway. Indiana? Where's that?


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