3-13-11 Sunday (Happy Trails)

I really, really have to stop eating out especially when I’m so weak about resisting yummy things.  Jim signed us up for some Mimi’s Café club thing online that gave us a free breakfast… so off we went.  We haven’t went there in a long time and I’m not sure why that’s the case since we think they have some unique dishes there.  Their breakfast menu of complex flavors was the absolute extreme opposite to Friendly’s plain Jane menu.  It was hard to decide.  I finally settled on the cinnamon roll French toast that I had been wanting at Friendly’s.  Damn this was good.  It came with eggs, breakfast meat, and orange juice.  I get eggs over easy so I ordered a side of toast to “dunk” into the egg just the way I love ‘em.  I chose bacon which was very generous.  4 thick and long slices that were high quality.  I ordered iced tea and never got the orange juice so I assumed they substituted which was fine.

The service was excellent but I have complaints.  What else is new, right?  When the meals came we reminded the server we were expecting white toast.  She came back with toast that wasn’t cut nor buttered.  They included the butter.  I thought that was odd and annoying but OK.  Not being cut was even more annoying.  Our server brought out more white toast.  The runner and server made for a double order I guess.  The bread she brought out was a little different, was cut, not buttered and didn’t seem toasted in any way shape or form.  It was never eaten since it was delivered in error anyway. 

The bill came and I saw that I was charged for the iced tea.  I asked the server if my meal was to come with OJ since I never got it and I was charged for the tea.  I asked her to remove the tea.  She said the OJ was a small glass and she couldn’t do that.  She said she could put the OJ into a to go cup or skip it.  I was annoyed but didn’t get bitchy.  Now we all know that iced tea is probably a quarter of the price of OJ.  Probably even less than that.  I asked for the to go cup and intentionally left it on the table.  There.  Now you wasted a cup, straw and lid which probably still cost more than the OJ.

We went to BJs and Walmart for grocery shopping.  The weather today was so freakin’ gorgeous that we came home, changed into shorts, grabbed the dog and went to our future property.  We wanted to check how it did (drainage ditch and creek) with all the rain we had lately.  Checked out fine.  We then went to Reedy Creek and walked one of the trails.  I think Dasher enjoyed all the sights sounds smells.  He likes to pee just enough to mark every damn tree.


Here’s some photos from today:

2011-03-13 001Above: Dasher laying outside the back door soaking up some sun!

2011-03-13 002Above: Spotted at Walmart.  Did they just find these from last year OR are they super early for this year?  I’m scared.

2011-03-13 003Above: A little pond with cat tails in the new neighborhood.

2011-03-13 004Above: Dasher inspects the new property.

2011-03-13 005Above: The creek behind our to-be-built house.

2011-03-13 009Above: Jim at Reedy Creek park.

2011-03-13 010Above: One of the trails at Reedy Creek.


  1. Absolutely marvy! Sorry you were shafted on the OJ/iced tea. Not professional, but LOVE how you handled it. Take THAT non-management flunky.

    So, I take it Weight Watchers Round II is a no-go? It really is hard getting reinvigorated... I guess that's why I try to stay on-program. Mostly. That wine sure adds up on Points Plus tho. Grrrrrrrr.

  2. Round II isn't all that great. I do OK during the week with my low point sandwich but on weekends, eating out is baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

  3. I have the same problem with my eating. The weekends are killer since we go out a lot on the weekends. Once the nice weather comes that will change because we will be going to the lake most weekends.

  4. Weekends kill me, too. I do alright and I know HOW to make good choices in restaurants... I just don't always do it.

    Love the pic of Dasher in the sun.

    And I already don't like mac n cheese... that stuff you found is spoooooky!

  5. @Jodie: Jim is the bad influence especially when he keeps buying Groupons.

    @Liz: How can you not like mac and cheese?


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