3-28-11 Monday (Fetch!)

Today I started my new work schedule.  12:30 – 9, Wednesdays and Sundays off.  I can’t sleep past 6:30 or 7 so I’m going to try and maintain my current pattern.  The biggest problem with the schedule is dinner for me versus dinner for Jim when I’m working.  Bedtime is typically 10pm and I want to adhere to that so our internal clocks stay somewhat aligned.  We’re trying to plan menus that are simple for him, may reheat well for me to have for lunch the following day.  It’ll be a challenge, I’m sure.  My plan is to have breakfast as usual, a hot meal (left overs or such) for lunch and then my sandwich for dinner at work. 

I was kind of bored today and on top of that kept looking at the clock every 15 minutes.  I went into work extra early to make sure I was organized, read bulletins and emails, and in general ready to go.  I set up my eBay purchased digital frame which I love.  I love glancing over and reminiscing about what ever pops up on the screen.  I took oodles of phone calls today.  Some were junk, some hang ups, some credit applications and others wanted rate quotes.  It was certainly strange to be there into the evening.  My lunch break was my dinner break.  I ate my typical sandwich, turkey and cheese.  Low in points and filling.  Getting home at 9:20pm, I certainly don’t want to eat dinner so late.

It’s nice to pop up from the lower depths of by cubicle to talk to other cubicle coworkers while we await our next call.  When someone gets a call, they start talking into their headset and then sit down.  I joke that it looks like Whack-a-Mole. 


The weather here has taken a turn toward chill.  It was somewhere in the 40’s with a freeze warning for the night.  It’s nice getting a little artic chill here and there.

I realized I skipped right over the weekend.  I’m trying to remember what we did and on what day.  Sometime over the weekend, we saw Battle: Los Angeles.  Great special effects, the story line was basically a war movie.  The enemy just happens to be from outer space.  Maybe a DVD movie, or see it in on the big screen to appreciate the special effects.  Either way, in the end, you’re life will probably go unchanged.


Saturday evening we attended a birthday party at Doug and Bill’s house.

2011-03-26 002


2011-03-26 012Above: Due to my playing with camera settings, here’s a photo of Bill the birthday boy blowing out his candles.   Each photo is slightly different as shown by the candle flames as he blows them out.

2011-03-26 066Above: Bill and Jim.

2011-03-26 072Above: Chloe loves to play fetch but doesn’t like giving up the ball.

Sometime over the weekend we drove by the property.  In a previous post I mentioned it looked like a drunk guy staked out the property.  Upon closer inspection, we can see that both sides are uneven.  We think that the house will be slightly angled (as compared to the curb) which would be more in synch with the house next door.   It’ll be just fine.


  1. I'll be interested to see how you're feeling about the hours in a few weeks as your body gets used to the difference.

    The birthday cake pics are fun!

  2. You must be so thrilled to see activity on your lot. Permitting must be complete if they've already sent the surveyors, right? When will they dig the footings, pour the slab, and start framing? That's when it really gets exciting.

    Had to laugh out loud at your Whack-A-Mole visual. I had the same one just as I read the description.

    So, back on Weight Watchers hot and heavy? How is it working out for you? Do you like it as well as the "old" POINTS system?

  3. @Liz: Jim and I are trying to decide if he should change his hours too. We're going to discuss it a little further tonight.

    @Boozy: I am thrilled, but we have no dates yet. I'm not even sure if blue prints are finished yet. When they are, we're supposed to meet with someone to make sure of the placement of outlets, cable, etc that we changed.

    Weight Watchers, I like the old points system for the simplicity of it.

  4. Hi! I had to share this (http://www.friedas.com/microsite/soyrizo.html) with you since you are talking about meal planning, and there is a recipe for a Frittata that reminded me of the post for the crustless quiche. I promise it's a safe link. The page is for a grocery store in Texas, but it's the product that may interest you, and there is a coupon. I haven't tried it, but I plan to. I enjoy following your blog, keep up the good work.


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