3-10-11 Thursday

7It’s been 7 days later and Mohawk flooring still hasn’t responded to Jim’s email.  I emailed them again asking if they planned to “leave it this way”.  Jim and I are so discouraged we may just change the house contract and have the builder install the carpet and linoleum and then go to a private company and have it (something other than Mohawk) installed after the fact.  Another solution is to ask the builder to obtain a sample.  At this point I want Mohawk to make this right.  Now it’s an obsession.

imageI don’t really talk about anyone specifically at work… unless of course, I have good things to say about them.  I never know who may find and read the blog and I just don’t want to talk shit in a public forum.  This time, I can’t help it, I have to say it.  We’ve got a guy in our class who was habitually late.  Late to work, late back from breaks, late, late, late.  It kills me.  I know I should just mind my business and think, “it doesn’t concern you, worry about yourself.”  Maybe it’s the management side of me.  Whatever it is, I just want to sit him down and bitch slap him.  I want to ask him “really?”.  I want to know why he thinks it’s OK.   Does he not want this job?  Is this his first job?  How many jobs has he had in the past?  When will he grow up and be responsible?

imageOver the past couple of days, he’s fallen asleep while we were doing some computer based training.  I don’t know if the trainer noticed but I assure you, many of us did.  How could we not.  No, he wasn’t snoring but he was laid back in his chair with his head tilted way back.  You can’t do computer based training if you don’t even look at the screen.  Today I was told he was asleep while some of our classmates roll played in front of the class WHILE our supervisor to be sat in the back and watched.  As a side note, I almost took a picture of him.  It would have been funny in an inside-joke sorta way but I refrained for fear that it would have brought more attention to him.  While I want him to get what I think he “deserves”, I don’t want to be the cause of it.

Walk a mile in his shoes?  Perhaps there’s a reason.  Sick kid, sick parent, elderly whatever, abusive spouse, who knows?  Maybe he’s got one kidney and has to do something each morning.  His mom is handicapped and he’s got to make her breakfast?  Notice I didn’t say a good reason?   Is any reason really acceptable?  I’m not sure.  I feel bad for the guy… I’m thinking he’s made it this far but will he “graduate”?   There could be an excuse for being late to work but several times for a break?  It might work once to have your watch be different than everyone else’s but after that, what then?

It’s so awesome to get back in the swing of things.  Oh yeah, my rant ended by the way… that is until the next bitch-fest.  Where was I?  Swing of things, meaning the working force.  So far I think I’m gonna love my job!  How many people can say that?  I’m still adjusting to getting laundry done here and there so there’s not as much to do on weekends.  Admittedly, I haven’t cleaned or dusted.  Well, I suppose dusting is part of cleaning.  Why is crop dusting the act of applying dust but house dusting is the act of removing dust?  I think I have ADD.  Shiny.

I really don’t remember where I was going with the above paragraph.  I had a point.  Typically, if I forget my point, I just wipe out the paragraph or sentence and continue.  Welcome to my world of “writing”.  I remember now.  I swear.  I was leading in to talk about the company’s internet policy.  The company policy is business use only but my trainer and supervisors don’t care between calls.  The trainer says they don’t have CNN or ESPN blocked so that we know what’s going on in the world and can relate to our customers.  I’ve discovered some sites that I use are blocked though.  Gmail, Blogger, Facebook, video streaming stuff, etc.  So basically everything I use.  I am happy to say that my Weight Watchers point tracking stuff is NOT blocked.  Yay!

Tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Does your trainer not notice the guy or do you think he's just ignoring the situation?

  2. Your posts make me literally laugh out loud! Whatever the reason for his tardiness and unrest, sleeper mcgee needs to get it together but more than likely he will weed himself out.

  3. Try to remember that the guy is the responsibility of the management. If he isn't impacting you, no worries. Yes, it's frustrating. But like you said- you have no idea what's going on in his life. Maybe nothing, maybe something big. If nothing else, use it as an example to just shine even brighter! Sit right next to him and answer all the questions so attention is always directed your way. Ha!

  4. Oh- and you need a smart phone. I love having access to my e-mail at any time. And Facebook. And all that other stuff.

  5. @Deanna: Today we had a meeting with a big-wig and she mentioned being late several times.

    @Liz: I'd like a smart phone but I'd have to be careful about using it. For Jim and I to get smart phones it would be another $60 a month ($30 per Verizon line for Data).

  6. @3 Chunky: I think he has noticed and I think they've had conversations about attendance... so the rumor says.


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