8-29-10 Sunday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a:

DIH - Wall

I enjoyed reminiscing about last year but eventually it faded.  That happens when you work I suppose.  Not just that but also the fact that the traveling had ended and we were just going through the motions of job hunting and deciding if we could stay in Fort Myers.  What a stressful time in our lives.  Looking back at last year’s post brings me happiness though.  Fun with friends!  Check it out here.

Looking at that entry with Carl and Tim brings me back to excitement about them coming here.  I’ve been thinking about all the cool stuff we’ve done here and what I want them to see/do.  The great restaurants to include Crave Dessert bar.  Yum.  A nature walk through some of the parks Jim and I have recently walked through.  Snow tubing!  Ikea!  Lake Norman!  There’s so much and quite a lot of stuff we haven’t even seen yet.  Hurry up guys!

Jim and I went to breakfast at Ryan’s this morning.  Omelets, waffles, bacon, sausage, etc.  We ate a lot but we won’t eat again till dinner.  For dinner we have plans with Doug and Bill.  We haven’t seen them for quite sometime so we’ll have a lot to catch up on.

After filling up on cheap buffet food, we did grocery shopping at Walmart.  Our shopping trip was uneventful BUT that’s a good thing so I’m not complaining.  With grocery shopping done, we spoke about things we could do.  Jim decided on a nap.

We met up with Doug and Bill and headed to 1900 Mexican Restaurant.  Jim and I have been there numerous times and once with Doug and Bill.  We all enjoyed it and of course we’ll be back. 

Tomorrow is Monday.  Ick!

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  1. An uneventful WalMart trip?? How is that even possible??


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