8-12-10 Thursday (Requirements)

Once again, I’m exhausted.  I’m happy to report that I can typically get out of work within minutes of closing time.  I’ve become quite the expert at counting the cash drawer, filling out deposit tickets, and adding credit card slips.  Yay. 

I still continue to eat at my desk.  Right now it’s kind of necessity but in the future it will probably be by choice.  I’m too far from home to go home for lunch and since there’s no breakroom, where the hell would I go?  I hate that.

Today I shot an email to my boss stating, “I will require a day of next week and each week thereafter.”  He responded with a call asking if I was stressed.  I’ve been stressed.  I’m tired.  I need “me” time.  I need a break other than just Sunday.  I replied that I would just like my day off.  We’ll see.

On the upside, I resurrected a Blue-Tooth headset that I use for my phone so I can safely gab with friends on the way home from work.  Now if I could just find some volunteers to talk to me at 6:30am…

Interestingly enough, we not really, I got home before Jim tonight.  He works till 7 on Thursdays.  I was able to make dinner, take out the trash and do a little prep work for tomorrow’s meal.

That’s all I got right now!  Thanks for reading!  Now it’s time to watch my TiVo’d “America’s Got Talent”.


  1. It's rough only getting one day off. I get two and sometimes that's not enough decompression time. I hope everything works out ok. Love you

  2. Alix is usually awake earlier than 6:30. I think she should volunteer.

    If I wake up to pee, I can call you. Don't worry, I'll wait until after I flush.


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