8-22-10 Sunday (What A Crock)

We started out our day by getting out of bed way too early.  Maybe it was the anticipation of going to Ryan’s Buffet for waffles and omelets?  Maybe it was because we’re old.  Either way, we had breakfast (we totally blew off lunch to offset the big breakfast) and then went on to BJ’s for some of our shopping. 

After BJ’s it was on to Walmart.  This week’s big purchases?  A new crock pot.  We got an UNelectronic one so that if a power outage occurred, the cooker would resume once power was restored.

2010-08-22 004

The cool think about the slow cooker is that it came with labels that I can insert into the holder.  Look:

2010-08-22 006

It came with preprinted and blank cardboard inserts that go right in front of the Hamilton Beach logo which is equipped with a frame.  Cool huh?

We also picked up a new toaster.  We use it almost every day and think that maybe it was worn out.  English muffins, which I eat daily, took a long time to toast and even on it’s highest setting didn’t brown it much.

 2010-08-22 005

After shopping we worked on getting the RV batteries charged up.  Eventually after jumping the batteries, we got the generator running and then the engine batteries charged. 

We went to see a house for sale.  It was a small house on an acre of land in south Charlotte for $75,000.   We’re not ready to buy just yet but always keeping our eyes open.

The day went by so quickly.  Back home to prep, season and vacu-suck some steaks as well as prepare Tuesday’s redo of our failed corned beef with cabbage crock pot meal.   Some pictures of Dasher and Clea in the kitchen:

2010-08-22 001 2010-08-22 002 2010-08-22 003

Oh, and this creepy, hairy spider at the trash can in the back yard:

2010-08-22 007

And finally here’s some pictures from work.  This is the “lube pit”:

2010-08-19 012 2010-08-19 013 2010-08-19 014 2010-08-19 015

Attractive job, eh?

Time to go finish making dinner, eat, watch TV and relax.  Till possibly Thursday…  see ya!

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  1. OK, I hate spiders... but that one is pretty cool looking! Great shot!

    New appliances are always fun! Congrats on the new arrivals!


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