8-8-10 Sunday (Is It Hot In Here Or Did You Just Burn?)

As I sit here typing Saturday’s entry and surfing the internet, I see:

Finalist dies at world sauna championships


  • Finnish event sees competitors attempting to withstand rising temperatures
  • Russian finalist Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy died after Saturday's final
  • His opponent, Finland's Timo Kaukonen, was taken to hospital
  • Police are investigating incident but "rules were followed," organizers say

(CNN) -- A competitor has died and another is in hospital following a tragic end to the World Sauna Championships in southern Finland.

Russian Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy died Saturday after taking part in the final of a competition in which contestants are required to withstand rising temperatures for as long as possible.

Finnish finalist Timo Kaukonen was also taken to hospital for treatment, organizer Ossi Arvela said in a statement posted on the event's website.

Images of the contest showed Ladyzhenskiy and Kaukonen sitting side by side in the sauna. Both contestants can then be seen lying on the ground, apparently doused in water. Ladyzhenskiy appears to be suffering from severe skin burns.

"The event was interrupted immediately after the accident. Competition organization grieves these sad events," Avela said.

Finnish police and organizers are investigating the incident, Arvela said. But he said first aid personnel had been in place and all competitors taking part in the contest had provided doctor's certificates. "All the rules were followed," he said.

The World Sauna Championships take place annually in the town of Heinola.

I rarely comment about current events but this just deserved a commentary.  What absolutely bothers me about this is that it was top CNN news AND that stuff like this goes on in the world.  Such a big event that entails sitting in extreme heat.  Duh.

I weighed myself today!  169.8!

5 lbs

Thanks to Weight Watchers, I’ve lost 23 pounds!

Other places we went to today:  Stool Pigeons Coop & Grill for lunch with a coupon.  It was sports bar atmosphere with out-dated TV’s, old furniture and a strange smell possibly caused by previous lawful smoking.  The food was standard bar food.  I’m not sure we’d go back.  There’s much better out there. 

Next was Trader Joe’s.  Jim hasn’t been to the one in our area nor any location in a long time.  We bought a few things including some wine, but the place is full of organics that aren’t designed to be low fat or low calorie. 

Next up was Sam’s for a few things.  Sam’s was busy.  Jim and I grazed the demo food stands like we were on a shelter’s food line.  Sad.  Sadder was that there was a frickin’ line at the Nestle Toll House cookie dough demo stand.  We eventually got to it and had a pizza roll and a little cookie.  Did I mention how pitiful all that looks?  The funniest demo was corn in a large crockpot.  People walking around eating corn in a little plastic cup with a tiny spoon.  Amusing.  I’d like to go back next Sunday so I can sample more free stuff watch people and make fun of them.  Pitiful. 

I don’t miss grocery shopping at Walmart on Sunday’s especially with back-to-school-nuttery going on.  The place was hopping.  The wait in line was about 2 carts deep so not too bad even though we had to switch lines because of some problems at checkout. 

image Above: The line for #2 pencils.

We came home #2-pencil-less just in case you had wondered. 

By the way, we returned the weights and bands I bought to do the P90X program with.  Who’s got time right now?

I’m sure the rest of the evening will include laying around and watching TV.  For now, I’m going to join Jim for a glass of wine!  Cheers!


  1. I did Power 90! Not the X, that's just crazy, but I did do the regular one. It was a good workout but B-O-R-I-N-G!!! And the one girl looks like she has fake boobs.

    Congrats on 23 pounds gone!!! I totally fell off the Nutrisystem wagon, but I climbed back on today. so far, so good! I'm staying on plan.


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